Thru, Inc.
File Exchange and Collaboration Platform

As enterprises continue to rely on web-based apps to collaborate and exchange content, the need for fast transfer of files from any device is essential.

With Thru OptiSPEED™, your enterprise can easily send and receive files up to 20X faster than with standard internet and, as a result, increase user satisfaction and productivity phenomenally.

Upload and Download Files in the Fast Lane

Deliver content up to 20x faster than standard Internet.


Fast File Transfer Across the Globe

Access and send information fast, no matter how remote the location.


Guaranteed Security of Online File Transfer

Since OptiSPEED is transparent to all traffic with no caching of data, all data is transferred securely.

OptiSPEED’s “cloud-optimized routing” technology allows users to perform high speed file transfers at the most optimal speed. After a user sends files, OptiSPEED automatically directs online file transfers by the fastest route possible.

OptiSPEED guaranteed security for fast file transfers and exchanges


Improved File Upload and Download Performance

Faster and More Predictable Response

Compliance and Security – No Data Cached

Thinking of upgrading to a global high speed file transfer solution?

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