Webinar: The Real Costs of Ungoverned File Transfer in the Enterprise

Michael Osterman, Analyst, Osterman Research

LP MOsterman Ungoverned File Transfer webinar

Are my company’s file transfer tools providing sufficient security, usability, and ROI?

Discover why methods such as email, traditional FTP, freemium and consumer file transfer tools are leading to problems including

  • Data breaches
  • Bloated storage
  • Lack of scaling
  • Administration overhead
  • Lack of control and visibility

In addition to these issues, Osterman discusses the benefits of a comprehensive file transfer solution — a single solution that addresses the shortcomings of point solutions.

About Osterman Research
Since 2001, Osterman Research has helped numerous vendors, IT departments, and other organizations make better decisions through the application of their relevant, accurate, and timely data. Through the continual acquisition of information from a panel of IT decision-makers and end users, Osterman Research is one of the leading sources of information for companies that offer products and services in the IT space.

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