Thru Partner Programs

Differentiate your business, drive a predictable revenue stream and increase profitability by partnering with Thru to deliver our enterprise file sharing and collaboration solutions to your customer base. As a member of the Thru Partner Network you will receive comprehensive sales, marketing and technical support that enable you to reap business success and deliver outstanding results for your customers.

The Thru Partner Program offers a range of partner programs to meet your individual business needs — see below:

Authorized Solution Providers

Authorized Solution Providers

Leverage your existing technology expertise and resources to help your customers design and deploy Thru solutions as a stand-alone application or to optimize existing workflows and business processes.

Technology Partners

Hosted Service Providers

Acquire a license to host Thru in your own environment and deliver Thru as a branded, hosted service to your end-users.

OEM Technology Partners

OEM Technology Partners

Incorporate Thru in your own technology and solutions to drive increased performance and eliminate process bottlenecks for increased customer adoption.

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