OEM Technology Partners

Don’t Send Your Customers to a Third Party Provider for their File Sharing Needs!

With a Thru OEM Technology Partnership, you can embed Thru file transfer functionality in your application, increase revenue and gain a true advantage over your competitors.

The Thru Platform is designed to seamlessly integrate with your own software applications and your customers’ business processes. Without leaving your software, your customers can securely send and share files and folders of any size with a full audit trail maintained in your software, streamlining workflow and enhancing the value and usability of your application.

As a Thru OEM partner, you can:

  • Deliver an end-to-end solution that brings incremental revenue to you instead of a third party
  • Maintain your look, feel and brand while Thru runs transparently in the background
  • Differentiate your solution and gain a competitive edge
  • Significantly enhance your user experience
  • Strengthen customer loyalty and satisfaction

Add to your expertise and functionality and benefit from the market opportunity and resources available to you.

Ready to become a partner? Need more information? Contact us today.

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