Cloud-Native MFT Service

Automated File Transfer and Manual File Sharing

Thru Platform for the Extended Enterprise - Digital Workplace - Managed File Transfer

Automate file exchange with each of your partners and easily connect your business to the global extended enterprise. Granular monitoring and tracking provide real time visibility into the status of file exchange activity.

Screen of file transfer audit and monitoring interface

Securely share files of any size from web browsers, integrated business applications, mobile devices and desktops. Track all file sharing activities for governance analysis and audit reporting.

Securely collaborate

Deploy out-of-the-box add-ins, drop in an iPaaS platform connector or create your own solutions using our API. Our platform can be used to solve any file exchange and collaboration challenge in the digital workplace framework.

Custom integration with third party applications using SOAP/REST CRMs ECMs ERPs ESBs Help Desks

Don’t keep your global customers and partners waiting on those extra large files that they need. Accelerate file transfers up to 20x faster than over standard internet connections.

Accelerate file transfers up to 20x faster

Applications and integrated services communicate with our platform to answer all your file exchange business requirements:

  • Logging of all system activity for auditing and reporting
  • Workflow notifications when actions occur, such as file expiration, download notifications, deletions, etc.
  • Orchestration of all file exchanges with internal and external platforms, cloud-based or on-premises, such as ESB/iPaaS, CRM, ERP, CSM and others
  • Life cycle management with retention policies and purging rules

Boomi Atom

Easily connect B2B file exchange processes in Thru to Boomi via Thru Managed File Transfer (MFT) Connector for Boomi. Offload system-to-system file exchanges in Boomi to Thru where file transfers can be easily scheduled, secured, tracked and controlled. The connector is ideal for critical Boomi file transfer processes that demand the highest level of uptime.
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MuleSoft icon

Easily connect B2B file exchange processes in Thru to MuleSoft via Thru Managed File Transfer (MFT) Connector for MuleSoft. The connector drastically simplifies MFT in Mulesoft by offloading file transfer processing and endpoint configuration to the Thru Platform where file transfers are tracked. File exchanges with hundreds of partners can be activated in minutes, not days.
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Microsoft Outlook icon

Full integration with Microsoft Outlook includes a powerful built-in Side Panel. Users can add, download and manage content from their Thru file system without leaving Outlook.
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Microsoft Office 365 icon

Open, create, edit, save and save as files directly to Thru from applications such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Instead of leaving Office to login into Thru Cloud, simply create and edit files from your Office applications and save them directly to Thru.
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Salesforce icon

Thru protects files transfers sent from Salesforce and records a detailed audit trail of file transactions within the Salesforce record. This integration supplements Salesforce business transactions by giving users insights into recipient download activity and removes file size limits.
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IBM Notes icon

Collaborate efficiently and securely in IBM Notes. Our integration unburdens IBM Domino servers by enabling users to share large email attachments from within their email clients.
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Our business-only focus allows us to optimize secure file transfer and sharing for mid- to large-sized organizations…

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