Release Notes

[2019 January]
Thru Platform 9.10

  • New Features and Improvements
    • User expiration policy management added
    • Thru Web portal login page user experience improvements
    • Thru Web external download page user experience improvements
    • Support link displayed on Thru portal pages can be customized. Submit customization request to
    • Improvement in user activation period settings
    • Improvement in activity stream logging for previewed files
    • Email archiving project list management available to all user roles based on permission settings
    • Administrator portal User search by email address can be filtered by name or email domain
    • Improvements in upload performance of very large files
  • Fixes
    • Fix in delete default settings when GDPR compliance is activated on an existing site
    • Fix error message when attempting to use drag-and-drop folder upload in Web browser
    • Fixed issues with external download page for all Apple devices and versions of iOS
    • Resolved a delay on Thru Web email page when confirmation email is enabled
    • User selection in Group management now works with single-click instead of double-click
    • Fix to enable preview images on external download page
  • Thru for Outlook, Version 12.7
    • User Authentication via OKTA Oauth is now supported
    • Fixes for failures reported in version 12.6.

[2018 July]
Thru Server Release 9.9.3

  • New Features and Improvements
    • No new features in this release
  • Fixes
    • Switching the upload method from browser to Java or vice-versa not available
    • If there are exceptions set on file extensions, it was impossible to select another upload method
    • Fixed a display cropping issue in the popup for “File Types”
    • Fixed error “too many redirects” in Mobile web application when site set to SSO-Only

[2018 July]
Thru Server Release 9.9

  • New Features and Improvements
    • Documents and image files of the following formats can be previewed in Thru web portal internal application pages and external email distribution page: png, jpg, jpeg, jfif, bmp, tif, tiff, gif, pdf
    • On external distribution page preview is called via the ‘eye’ icon:New security group Basic Users is added.
    • New BASIC user group added. Group members have limited visibility in Thru portal UI: only Summary tab with limited information is displayed for files and folders, sharing of files via email or links is disabled. API connectivity is not available
    • Added features to enable customer in their GDPR compliance:
      • Administration feature to switch Thru site to GDPR more, requires administrator to consent to agreement provided by Thru.
      • Administration feature to edit the consent text for external guest users when Thru site operates in GDPR mode.
      • Administration tool to delete personal information when a user id deleted in Thru.
      • Administration tool to delete personal information for previously deleted users.
      • Guest users will be asked to consent to agreement before registering with Thru site.
      • Feature for registered or guest user to request deletion of personal information with confirmation of mailbox ownership and the tool for administrator to delete user on request.
      • Warning is displayed if administrator tries to remove permissions for the Administrators group at the root level.
    • User experience features added:
      • Attachment of any type can be removed from Thru web email by a user before email is sent.
      • Tool to toggle individual languages.
  • Fixes
    • Enhanced Audit Log entry for failed password attempts via protected Dropbox™ or protected email for guest users
    • Security fixes applied as a result of independent third party test results

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