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It’s no doubt, Salesforce.com is modernizing the way companies do business with their highly customizable CRM. All leads, contacts, cases, accounts, emails and more are all stored within the single system, greatly simplifying the management of information. One aspect of business that is almost entirely left out of many CRM implementations, however, is the transfer and storage of files.

While it is possible to send files using Salesforce, companies still face setbacks such as file size limits and lack of an audit feature to track activities, as well as high storage costs. Such limitations hinder collaboration and take away visibility from file activity. For these reasons file transfer is often external to the CRM.

There is a great problem with not having an integrated file system with your CRM. Businesses, especially enterprises, depend on process delivered by workflow governed by rules. All company data should stay in your CRM. Without an integrated file system no times or dates, no logged activities, and no proof of delivery can be ascertained.

The reason any company uses a CRM is to track all communications between a company and its current and potential customers, which gives insight into that relationship. Decoupling file transaction data or to put it in another application blurs the relationship making consolidated reporting and access painful.

Also, workflow rules and tasks cannot be created on items that are not integrated into the system. Not having an integrated file system means that companies lose the ability to automatically create, assign, update fields and task and to send automatic emails, and all of the other workflow features CRMs provide.

To remove these limitations, Thru provides integrated file transfer, tailored to specific business needs.

Salesforce.com Connector Screenshot

Remove Limitations with Thru’s Add-In for Salesforce

The Thru Add-In for Salesforce removes the file transfer limitations of Salesforce.com by adding deeply integrated MFT functionality, enhancing customer interactions and improving the ROI for your Salesforce investment. Users can globally exchange proposals, design drawings, contracts, and any other kind of file with the following benefits:

  • Integrates transparently maintaining existing user and customer interfaces
  • Eliminate Salesforce.com limitations; users can store, exchange, and track any size files
  • Rapidly transfer files across the globe using Thru’s Content Delivery Network
  • Enables visibility into customer’s download behavior
  • Provides enterprise-class reporting and auditing
  • Advanced security for compliance

Thru’s Add-In for Salesforce is used for many use cases from customer support file exchange, to collaboration networks or software delivery. The image above captures Thru’s added email and audit functionality into Salesforce, depicting how Thru can use email templates from Salesforce. The add-in adds Thru’s functionality while maintaining the existing user interface.

If you would like to integrate a secure file system into your company’s Salesforce implementation, download the datasheet or watch a quick demo video below!

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