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Costa Cruises

Thru is proud to announce that Costa Cruises, Europe’s number one cruise operator, has chosen Thru OptiBAND™ for crew members to share large files on poor connections and to improve passenger internet surfing.

The “bandwidth battle” issue between passengers and crew members

For Costa’s millions of yearly passengers, a relaxing voyage often means having fast internet to stream videos, chat on social media, etc. Also, Costa’s crew members must rely on internet to transfer data to and from ship and shore locations. At sea, Costa’s passengers and crew are limited to a single satellite connection from an ISP, and unfortunately it is often slow, unreliable and expensive.

One big problem that the low-bandwidth satellite connection caused for Costa was a “bandwidth battle” between crew file transfers and passenger internet surfing. When crew members sent or received large files, the transactions used up much of the limited bandwidth and resulted in passengers having a slow internet experience. In order to prevent passengers and crew members from wrestling for bandwidth, Costa searched for a solution that could enable crew members to exchange large files without impacting passenger internet surfing.

Thru OptiBAND optimizes bandwidth dynamically and in real-time

To stop the struggle for bandwidth between passengers and the crew, Costa chose Thru OptiBAND as its file sharing platform for crew members. OptiBAND offers various features that help Costa to better utilize the bandwidth of the satellite connection. For example, real-time bandwidth throttling enables large file transfers to be sent and received by crew members without going over a predetermined level, resulting in an improved internet surfing experience for passengers.

To read the full story of how Costa Cruises uses OptiBAND, click the button below.

To learn more about how OptiBAND can help your company share files on poor connections, download the datasheet

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