Thru, Inc.
File Exchange and Collaboration Platform

Using FTP or freeware for customer support cases can not only pose a security risk, but also frustrate your customers – It doesn’t have to be that way. Protect your IP and improve your customers’ experience by quickly exchanging software patches, logs or troubleshooting cases with Thru.

Thru helps make support teams more efficient. Thru can replace your FTP Sites and give you easy workflow within your email, CRM and case management systems – ensuring it’s not only easy for your customer support teams but also ensure your customer interactions are smoother. All that with higher security and control.

Stay on top of your game and delight your customers.

With Thru You Can

Send Software Releases and Updates to Customers Instantly

Scale your support platform for sending and receiving log files, databases and patches of any size without any issues. And effortlessly manage all transactions within your case management and CRM systems.

Customer Support Desk manage patch distribution 1-1

Manage patch distribution via your CRM systems

Customer Support Desk eliminate timeouts low latency 1-2

Eliminate send and receive timeouts during support sessions with Thru’s low-latency Global Delivery Network

Customer Support Desk ensure file delivery 1-3

Thru’s Java browser application ensures files are delivered irrespective of breaks in connections

Ensure Customer Satisfaction by Resolving Their Issues Efficiently

Thru can help whether you need an end-to-end support file collaboration solution or deep integration into existing support infrastructures.

Customer Support Desk large file sessions 2-1

Customers no longer need to zip or break large files into small file sizes prior to support sessions

Customer Support Desk seamless file uploads 2-2

Utilize Thru’s toolbox for seamless file uploads when customers are filing tickets

Customer Support Desk zero footprint 2-3

With Thru’s zero footprint browser option customers don’t have to install any bulky applications for support sessions

Exchange Large Data Between Vendors and Customers

Don’t let large software and customer data exchange be a showstopper. You can now exchange these files easily between software vendors and customers.

Customer Support Desk exchange large databases logs files fixes 3-1

Easily send and receive large databases and log files to speed up troubleshooting and fixes

Customer Support Desk extensive API automatic updates 3-2

With Thru’s extensive API you can host files on Thru and have your application automatically use Thru for updates

Customer Support Desk Desktop Sync file transfers 3-3

With Thru’s Desktop Sync, manage multiple help desks with the help of PC to PC or Server to Server support file transfers

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