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Are you wondering how your company can start storing and sending files securely online? Many companies today have adopted free file sharing apps to send files online but many of those apps do not comply with security requirements and compliance policies like HIPAA, HITRUST, etc. Not using a secure file sharing solution to keep data protected can be devastating to your business and gives your customers and partners the wrong impression. In today’s weekly tip, we will demonstrate how your company can start securely sending and storing files securely online with Thru Web, a secure file sharing site for enterprises and businesses.

When a company has a Thru account, they are given their own Thru secure file sharing site (Thru Web) to securely access, manage and transfer files and folders online. Since Thru is focused on specifically enterprises and businesses, Thru Web is a tool that does not host free users nor anyone else who is not in your own company. Below is a demonstration of how users can log in to Thru to send files securely in three easy steps.

Step 1: Log In

The login page of Thru Web is completely customizable so companies can add their own custom branding and messaging to maintain brand consistency. In the image below, you can also see that authentication is also customizable. Users can login via standard username and password and you can also add a secondary login option for corporate/internal users to sign in via Active Directory, Single Sign On, etc. Users who do not have an account on the site can request an account and either be approved/disapproved by a site administrator.

Log In to Thru

Step 2: Access files

When a user is logged in to Thru, they can access the files they would like to send and then create a new message. All files that are stored in Thru are protected with antivirus scanning and encryption.

Secure File Transfer - Thru Web 2

Step 3: Create and send your secure message

While a user is composing their message they can set security options before sending their files such as the expiration date, requesting recipient login, and choosing to receive a notification once the recipient(s) have downloaded the files.

New Message - Thru web

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To learn more about how your enterprise or business can use Thru to securely manage and send files online, download the Thru Overview Paper now.

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