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When it comes to sharing information online with your external customers and partners, an important requirement should be to use solutions that can be customized to your company’s brand. We often hear from enterprises that they need to set up a branded file sharing portals that can be accessed from company websites, etc. In today’s weekly tip, we will explain how you can customize Thru secure file sharing portals to maintain brand consistency during customer/partner transactions.

To add logos to a Thru file sharing portal, designated Thru admins can log in to a section called “Customization” under the Site Options where they can update the portal logos and messaging. To add logos, the admins simply choose the graphic they want to add and hit an upload button to complete the process. The logos will then be visible to anyone who logs in to the file sharing portal to upload, download or manage information (see images below).

Corporate Branded File Sharing Site

Secure File Sharing - Custom Branding

Customized Branding - Thru File Sharing Portal

To learn how Thru can help your company share files securely from any device, visit How Thru Works and also download the Thru Overview paper.

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