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Share Files Securely Online - Thru

Sharing sensitive files and intellectual property online can be a very risky process for businesses without secure tools in place to protect data at all times. Using unsecure consumer file sharing apps and outdated file transfer systems (e.g. legacy FTP, scripts) can be devastating for your company’s reputation if data is leaked or breached due to inadequate security features. In this weekly, we will share with you how the new “folder sharing” feature in Thru makes it easier to share large amounts of files online without compromising security and compliance requirements. Follow the steps below:

Step 1: First the user goes to the folder in their file system that they want to share with other Thru users (shared folders can contain any number of files and sub-folders). Next, the user can simply click a “Share” button and click on “Folder”. This opens the “Share Folder” window.

Secure File Sharing Application for Business | Thru

Step 2: From the Share Folder window, users click on the “Copy” button. After copying the link, they can then share the link with anyone who has an account on their Thru site and has permissions. When the other users sign in to the shared folder, they are able to upload, download and manage information from any of their web browsers, on any device.

Secure Online File Sharing for Enterprises

To learn more about how to share files securely online with Thru:

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