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It’s not surprising but definitely alarming to find that more than 60% of enterprise and mid-size software producers and publishers are still using physical media like CDs/DVDs or outdated and unsecure methods like FTP servers, email or legacy homegrown portals to deliver and distribute software, software updates and patches. More details on this can be found in the Forrester report, titled: Secure Sharing Of Intellectual Property, A Key Challenge For Innovative Technology Firms.

And it’s not just the delivery, some of these companies are also using obsolete methods like spreadsheets for tracking and managing entitlement. Outdated methods like these, often result in high fulfillment costs, frustrating delays in delivery and cause errors for revenue recognition. If your company is one among these, it’s high time you modernize your software delivery and entitlement using an electronic software delivery (ESD) solution like Thru. Thru can easily integrate with your existing ERP solutions and streamline both global software deliveries and entitlement management cutting your fulfillment to a fraction of the costs. Here are a few ways how Thru can transition your software delivery into the Digital Age:

Deliver Electronically and Cut Fulfillment Costs

If your company provides multiple software products and solutions, you know how challenging it is to deliver and maintain updates of large software builds over long distances. Solutions like FTP or mailing CDs/DVDs have traditionally been used to solve this issue but these methods cause major delays and are expensive to scale and support for thousands of customers.

Thru can help you eliminate issues with large file sizes by providing your customers with instant access to software of any size. Your company can reduce fulfillment costs and speed up delivery by sending software releases and updates via Thru’s high speed file transfer (Thru OptiSPEED™) and global content delivery network.

One of our top technology customers, Dell-EMC, improved customer support troubleshooting and patch management for large software file transfers in a homegrown support portal and scale for over 100,000 users. By using Thru, Dell-EMC is now able to send and receive large multi-gigabyte database files with customers to streamline the customer support process.

Ensure Accurate Entitlement with CRM/ERP Integration

Another important issue you may be experiencing is ensuring your customers are able to easily view and access software they are entitled to. If you are using manual processes for entitlement management like spreadsheets, your users are prone to make errors especially when software and documentation is updated on a weekly/monthly basis.

Thru can modernize entitlement management for your company by integrating with any of your CRM and ERP systems like Salesforce or Oracle. With Thru’s breadth of APIs and workflow automation, Thru can be configured to automatically retrieve license or entitlement data from your CRM/ERP and deliver only the software/documentation that a user is entitled to. Thru’s workflow automation capabilities also enables your company to trigger custom text/email notifications for various actions like license renewals, licenses suspensions, new file arrivals, etc. Since all file activities in Thru are tracked and audited, your company can also effectively do revenue recognition by automatically tracking user download data in your CRM/ERP system.

Increase Satisfaction with a User-Friendly Experience

In order to provide the best possible software delivery experience, software providers need a solution that will make it easy for the end users, customers or partners.

With Thru, you can empower your customers or partners with the choice of a self-service portal, automated proactive updates or email notifications. Thru’s EFSS platform enables you to set up secure file sharing sites that both internal and external users can use to access, manage and collaborate on content in the cloud from any device. Enterprise-level administrative tools allow your administrators to control file access and report all file activities that take place in the system.

Modernize Software Delivery with Thru

Modernizing your software delivery solution is critical to solve issues like delays in distribution, high fulfillment costs, and complex entitlement requirements. Thru can help your organization make the transition from obsolete systems with a solution that is trusted by leading software companies like Dell-EMC, Sage and more.

If you are interested in learning about Thru for Electronic Software Delivery, download this white paper or contact us today to speak with a Thru Expert.

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