October 12, 2016, by
Posted in Large File Transfers, Microsoft Outlook


We’re excited to announce that one of America’s largest and most respected hair cut franchises, Sport Clips, is using Thru’s Add-In for Outlook to easily send large attachments.

Prior to Thru, Sport Clips was using an Outlook plugin by Hightail but the product was discontinued. Since email is still the company’s primary tool for collaboration, the company decided to replace Hightail with Thru to continue sending large files from their preferred email client.

In addition to sending large files, using Thru has given Sport Clips many other benefits that weren’t available with Hightail. To read the full case study, use the button below:


Sport Clips joins other leading brands like Visa, Dell EMC, and VMware that use Thru for secure file sharing and collaboration. To read other customer success stories, go here.

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