Thru Certification Program

Build file transfer competence the Thru way!

The Thru Certification Program is designed to grow levels of Thru competence throughout our network of customers and partners and to recognize Thru experts within the B2B community.

Thru Certification Process Overview

  1. Apply for training course.
  2. Follow training guide and perform practice exercises.
  3. Successfully pass exam.
  4. Receive digital certification.
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Apply for the Certification Preparation Course & Exam

Practice MFT Use Cases

Practice MFT Use Cases

Validate Your Thru Expertise

Validate Your Thru Expertise

Stand Out from the Crowd

Stand Out from the Crowd

Design Modern Integrations

Design Modern Integrations

Thru Expert Certification Exam Preparation Course

Practice Use Cases to Attain Thru Expert Certification

Expected Duration: 2-3 hours

Target Candidates

The program is targeted for B2B Practice Managers, Cyber Security Engineers and Solution Integration Architects.


  • Good general IT knowledge
  • Experience working with SFTP servers/clients
  • Basic MFT knowledge​

Key Benefits of Certification

This program will enable the candidate to gain competence on the Thru platform. Additionally, the successful participant will:

  • Display knowledge of cloud MFT when discussing B2B integration projects with enterprise prospects and how it fits in the overall solution delivery.
  • Obtain a clear understanding of the infrastructure and protocols required.
  • Stay relevant to the existing professional landscape and showcase uniqueness.

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