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Versioning 4

In a previous post, we announced a new versioning feature coming soon for all Thru users. The feature allows you to track multiple versions of files and restore files to different versions. Now that versioning is officially released, we thought we would show you a few tips to help you get started!

Follow the instructions below on how to view and manage file versions from Thru Web.

Step 1: Create new versions by overwriting an existing file

To create versions for files within Thru, upload a file to a folder and choose to overwrite an existing file that has the same file extension. After a file has been overwritten, select the file and go to the Versions tab. The Versions tab contains a timeline that records who created a version, what time it was made, the size of the file, and the file’s owner.


Versioning 1


Versioning 3


Versioning 2


Step 2: Restoring Versions

To replace the current version of a file with a different version:

  1. Select a file and go to Versions.
  2. If you need to view a version’s content before restoring it, click on the download button next to the version’s file name.
  3. After you know what version you want to restore, click Restore to instantly replace the current version.


Versioning 5


Versioning 6.5


To learn more about viewing and managing versions from Thru, please visit this section of the Thru User Guide.

Please feel free to comment below with any requests for weekly tips or additional information that would be helpful to share with Thru users!

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