The Thru MFT API is constantly growing and is also exposed for the Transport Client.

The platform is built to minimize the need to write interfaces by using connectors to iPaaS platforms similar to the connector.

Integrators can use the Transport Client instead of working directly with the API.

Additional APIs can be exposed as needed or requested by current customers to address specific use cases.

All API calls require an encrypted authorization header which identify requested endpoint or organization.

This ensures data isolation where clients can only upload files to their endpoints and get information about their organization, transports and endpoints.

Service requests expire after 30 seconds and cannot be replayed.

The following services can be used by integrators directly when working with Mulesoft Anypoint Studio.

Connector API services

Flow Pickup
Flow Outcome (Works with pickup)
File Metadata (Works with pickup)
Flow Dropoff

Connector Operations details

Transport Client Delivery (Pull) Services (file download)

1. Ability to monitor deliveries and pull the next file ready for delivery for a single endpoint

EndpointDelivery (string transportCode, string endpointCode, string simulation = null)

2. Monitor deliveries and pull the next file ready for delivery for all endpoints of an organization

EndpointDeliveryOrg (string orgCode, string simulation = null)

3. Ability to confirm that delivery file was received and moved to target folder correctly

EndpointDeliveryReceipt (string transportCode, string endpointCode, long ctrlFlwFileActionId, string simulation = null)

4. Monitor deliveries, pull the next AS2 file and give it to AS2 server for delivery

EndpointDeliveryAS2 (string as2ISCode, string simulation = null)

5. AS2 server reports delivery completion / failure

EndpointDeliveryAS2Status ([FromBody]CtrlFlwEndpointDeliveryAS2StatusServiceInfo endpointDeliveryAS2StatusServiceInfo)

6. Inform the ‘source’ endpoint where to copy the next file in the LAN

EndpointDeliveryLanToLan (string transportCode, string sourceEndpointCode, string simulation = null)

7. Report LAN to LAN copy status (completion or failure)

EndpointDeliveryLanToLanStatus ([FromBody]CtrlFlwEndpointDeliveryLanToLanStatusServiceInfo endpointDeliveryLanToLanStatusServiceInfo)

LAN Utility Landing (Push) Services (parallel file upload)

1. File upload to a source endpoint (supports parallel processing (multiple chunks can be sent together

EndpointLandingChunk (string transportCode, string endpointCode, string simulation = null)

2. Send upload end of file

EndpointLandingEndOfFile (CtrlSiteInfo ctrlSite, CtrlFlwPFEInfo pfe, DirectoryInfo cacheDir, FileInfo eofFile)

3. Send upload cancellation

EndpointLandingCancellation (DirectoryInfo cacheDir, FileInfo cancelFile)

4. Retrieve PGP public key for encryption before upload. (Clients do not need to know about public keys, they can simply retrieve them from Thru MFT source endpoint and then do the encryption.)

EndpointLandingTargetPGP (string transportCode, string endpointCode, string targetParticipantExternalCode)


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