Webinar: Add Automated Business Workflows to File Sharing and File Transfer in Your Company

Schedule, Control and Manage Your Content and Data Easily with Thru OptiFLOW™

Sergey Arutiunov, Chief Technology Officer, Thru, Inc.

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Learn how with Thru OptiFLOW you can:

  • Schedule file synchronization between various source and target repositories
  • Add standard and custom actions to act on events using file and folder patterns
  • Perform automated file transformations including compression, encryption and conversion
  • Integrate business processes with external systems via Web service calls that share the file data and metadata
  • Automate sending reports and alerts to users on deliveries and failures via template-based emails
  • Report and notify to external automation systems on deliveries and failures via Web service calls

Also, learn about the brand new Thru OptiBAND™, which allows your remote employees or users to continue collaborating on files, even on slow, intermittent internet connections, and helps you maintain business continuity.

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