Webinar: Integrate Secure File Sharing with Your Business Applications

Extend Your CRMs, Help Desks, ECMs, ESBs and more with Thru

Watch Integrate Secure File Sharing with Your Business Applications Webinar

Sergey Arutiunov, Chief Technology Officer, Thru, Inc.
Length: 40:50

You don’t need to use another file sharing site to send large files. Instead, integrate secure file sharing solution with your CRMs and Help Desks. Minimize costs and IT overhead, streamline workflows and communications with customers and partners and take your data security to the next level.

View this webinar to learn how with Thru you can

  • Add secure file sharing to any business application
  • Integrate file sharing with your CRMs and Help Desks
  • Utilize over 100 Thru API calls to tailor your file transfer needs with minimal coding
  • Get familiar with the API and tools for complex and mission critical enterprise level integration

Many companies such as VMware and Dell EMC did it with Thru and you can do it, too.

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