Webinar: How to Modernize Your Customer Support File Sharing Strategy


Subhashini Simha, VP, Product Management and Marketing, Thru, Inc.
Daniel Hurtubise, VP, Customer Success, Thru, Inc.

Length: 34:04

In today’s Digital Age, your customers expect instant resolution of support cases and protection for their sensitive information. Without the right tools at hand, your customer support case can turn into a horrific data breach debacle.

Learn how to modernize your customer support file sharing infrastructure and:

  • How integrating large file sharing into your customer support application can ease your customer support process
  • How Dell EMC leveraged integrating file sharing into its proprietary legacy customer service portal and improved customer support seamlessly
  • What you need to consider when it comes to choosing the right file sharing solutions for your business

See how Thru can help your business provide the best customer experience.


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