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In today’s Digital Age, your customers have high expectations for online support cases in terms of speed, performance, and security; especially when it comes to sharing files in order to get their issues resolved. In order to deliver the best possible experience to customers, your organization needs a modern customer support file sharing strategy in place to increase efficiency of your support operations.

Sharing Large Files Securely, a Challenge for Support Teams

Since virtually all information for support cases is now exchanged and processed online, customers expect customer support systems to deliver files fast and that their sensitive data is always protected. However, this can be especially challenging if your company doesn’t have the right tools in place.

For example, enterprises use applications like CRMs or homegrown portals to exchange files with customers but these apps often have limits for speed and security (file size limits, no encryption, system often goes down, etc.) To bypass these issues, employees often resort to their own freemium solutions that put both customer and company data at risk of data breaches and malware. In order to keep your customer support transactions all in the same system, you need to start finding out what solutions are available that can improve file sharing within your existing support applications.

Modernize your Customer Support File Sharing Strategy

Join us for a webinar on how to modernize your customer support file sharing strategy. You won’t want to miss this!

Learn how you can ensure customer satisfaction while protecting sensitive customer data and company information:

  • How integrating large file sharing into your customer support application can ease your customer support process
  • How to meet your complex needs in scalability, quick response and security
  • How Dell EMC, leveraged integrating file sharing into its proprietary legacy customer service portal and improved customer support seamlessly
  • What you need to consider when it comes to choosing the right file sharing solutions for your business

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