Webinar: Enabling Secure BYOD and Mobile Workforce Collaboration

Webinar: Enabling Secure BYOD and Mobile Workforce Collaboration

Subhashini Simha, VP, Product Management and Marketing, Thru, Inc.
Daniel Hurtubise, VP, Customer Success, Thru, Inc.

Length: 46:50

Trying to find a balance to keep your employees connected and productive on their mobile devices – while maintaining secure access to corporate data?

In this webinar, we discuss how Thru can help you:

  • Enable Mobility: Empower your mobile workforce with easy-to-use apps that allow them to securely work anywhere, from any device
  • Control Access: Protect corporate data with robust access permissions for sharing and editing content and restricting access
  • Remote Delete: Remotely disable a remote user or ex-employee and delete data on a lost or stolen device
  • Offline Access: Enable secure offline access and let your employees be productive on a plane or on a trip

Don’t let being on-the-go get in the way. Simplify and secure content access for your employees.

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