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As IT administrators, we understand that you want to be notified when a storage limit has reached its capacity. Administrators who have access to retention information can now have a warning email delivered by using the retention system settings. In today’s weekly tip we will show you how to enable this site storage warning from your Thru web portal.

Follow the instructions below:

Step 1: Go to Retention Options within the Administrator Dashboard.

Retention Options - Thru Blog Image 20160620

Step 2: Click the Modify button and check the box under Site Storage. A drop-down list of storage limits will appear.

site storage warning 1

Step 3: We recommend selecting a size of 70% of your total limit so that you can have enough warning time to manage retention rules.

site storage warning 2 - blog 20160620

This will help you better manage stale data files and give ample time to work with your Thru account manager to increase your storage before you hit your storage limits. Another advantage of using these warnings is to monitor any users who may be “hogging” storage space. You can then work with users who seem to be in need of more storage and work out any seasonal business needs in your Thru cloud storage.

Please feel free to comment below with any requests for weekly tips or additional information that would be helpful to share with Thru users!

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