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In today’s weekly tip, we will show you how to create and manage multiple contacts within Thru Web. Since your company probably has hundreds of internal and external contacts to manage, knowing how to use Thru’s contacts feature is a very helpful way to stay organized. Also, adding all your contacts to Thru increases productivity because it’s an easy way to look up information like phone numbers, fax numbers, addresses, etc. without having to use other apps.

Contacts - Thru Web
To locate the Contacts section of the Thru web application, go to the Contacts tab from the main navigation menu.

Within Contacts, you can either choose to create a single contact, or create a list of contacts. We will first show you how to create a single contact and then we will show how to add them to a list.

To create a single contact,

Add Contact

  1. Click Add Contact and the contact information page will open.
  2. Before you begin to fill in their contact info, there are three different options for sharing your contact to other users on your Thru: You can choose not to share your contact with anyone, you can share the contact with the Thru groups you are a part of, or you can make it shared for all users.
  3. After you have selected how you want to share the contact, fill in their contact info and then click Save.
  4. Now the contact will be displayed every time you go to Contacts in Thru.

After you have created your individual contacts for your company’s Thru site, you can organize your contacts into different lists based on their department name, project, etc. This is an efficient way to browse your shared contacts rather than going through a list of individual names.

To create a contact list,

Engineers Group

  1. Click Add List and type in the name and description of the list you would like to create. In the example above, we are creating a contact list of for an engineering department.
  2. Just like when you create a single contact, you also can choose how you want to the list to be shared. Select one of the three sharing options.
  3. To add users to the list, select a contact and click the right-facing arrow to add them to the list.
  4. To remove a contact from the list, select a contact and click the left-facing arrow.
  5. Once you have assigned all contacts to the list, click the Add button at the bottom to create the list.
  6. The list will then appear in your Contacts section along with the list of your site’s users.

After you have set up all of your lists and contacts, you will then be able to easily select them every time you are sending a message with Thru. For example, if you need to send files regularly to a hundred different people, you can add them all to a single list and copy that list on one of your Thru messages.

To learn more tips about Thru’s products, continue to follow Thru Community to stay updated! Until next time!

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