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As an IT Administrator, you know that implementing new software for your company is just the first step. You need to know how many users are actually adopting the new solution and how they are engaging with it. This information is critical to improving adoption, maximizing the investment and proving its value to senior leadership.

In this weekly tip we will demonstrate how Thru Administrators can run a User Analysis report with the Audit tool and export the results to Microsoft Excel.

With the Audit tool, you can filter activity reports in a variety of different ways based on a specific Thru application, user, role and more. Today, we will show you how to identify the users on your Thru site who have used the most storage. Follow the steps below.

Step 1: Go to the Audit section of the Thru Administration dashboard.

Note: Thru Administrators can only have access to the Audit page if they have been added to the Auditors Group.

Audit Image 20160602

Step 2: Click on the Reports tab and select User Analysis from the dropdown menu.


Step 3: Set the data filters for the report. To identify users that have used the most storage, use the following data filters:

Sort bySelect Storage – Max First from the dropdown menu. This will filter your list starting with the user who has used the most storage and descends to the user with the least amount.

Created Since/Until – Use these fields if you want to run the report for a specific timeframe. Keep these fields blank to run a report for “all time.”

User Filter – Under this section, make sure to set users to All. Change Active Status to either Active Only, Inactive Only or All.

After the data filters are set, click the Go button to run your report.

Data Filters Page

After the results appear, you can now identify the users on your site who have used the most storage and those whom you want to encourage use of Thru. You can also analyze other stats of each user such as the date they were created, number of file uploads, downloads, and more.

Jake Miller 1

Jake Miller 2

To export a report to Excel, there are two export options. The export button on the left exports only the results on the current page. The button on the right exports all of your results.

Export results

Now that you know how to run a User Analysis report, you can also run other reports of your users to find the users with the most downloads, most uploads, etc. To learn more about Thru’s Auditing feature, visit the Audit section of the Thru Administration guide.

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