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As we step into 2017, there is no doubt that enterprises will continue to migrate more business processes from on-premises infrastructure to cloud solutions. Due to the ever-growing amount of data stored in the cloud by enterprises, the demand to sync and share large amounts of data from cloud storage to user devices will also continue to increase this New Year.

In today’s weekly tip, we will show you how Thru’s Desktop Sync application makes it easy for enterprises like yours to easily sync large files from the cloud to user desktop computers.

Sync Files of Any Size with Thru Desktop Sync

Though there are various consumer file sync and share solutions available for syncing files to desktops, Thru’s Desktop Sync application enables businesses to offer users this functionality but with enterprise-grade security and no file size limit.

To start syncing files, users simply add Thru Desktop Sync to their desktop and can choose to sync specific Thru folders. After folders are synced with their desktops, users view synchronized changes in real-time from the system tray and instantly access their most up-to-date files from their desktop’s native file system.

Step 1: User chooses to sync Thru folders to their desktop computer.


Step 2: All folders that are selected are synced to the desktop and all changes can be viewed in real-time.


Step 3: Thru synced files can be accessed directly from the user’s desktop file system. All changes made to files within synced folders will automatically update when changes are made.


To view a video demo of Thru Desktop Sync, watch here.

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