White Paper: Maintaining Hybrid Integration Platform Agility

White Paper:
Maintaining Hybrid Integration Platform Agility
in B2B Solutions Where File-Based Data Exchange Is Requisite

A cost-effective strategy to keep your digital transformation channels open, flexible and ready for business, now and the future.

Evolution of integration from on-premises ESB / SOA architectures to cloud-based enterprise integration platforms as a service (iPaaS) makes other API-centric cloud-native services, such as Thru, an essential component of an iPaaS-driven integration framework. Most medium and large enterprises today leverage B2B file-based data exchange technologies to enable file-based data exchange integration with their business partners. The two most common classes of file-based data exchange technologies are:

  • Managed file transfer (MFT)
  • Electronic data interchange (EDI)

These technologies are not a binary choice CIOs and IT managers are required to make when considering file-based data exchange. On the contrary, MFT and EDI are complementary for a successful B2B file-based data exchange solution. Enterprises wanting to integrate these technologies seamlessly with their cloud and on-premises file-based data exchange workflows are turning to an iPaaS + Thru hybrid solution to accomplish that integration.

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