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Xerox Document Scanning Software

It’s no question that paper-based business processes are quickly going digital. To help you keep pace with this rapid transformation and increase productivity, we are excited to announce the Thru Add-In for Xerox, a new product that allows your company departments to instantly upload document scans from Xerox printers to the cloud.

Using the touchscreen interface on your Xerox MFP, you can easily scan documents, choose the format (fax, Excel, Word or PDF) to which to convert the document and then upload to Thru. All files uploaded to Thru are completely secured with antivirus scanning, encryption and are only accessible by registered users. Also, your IT administrators can set custom retention policies in Thru to delete archived files after a set period.

By far one of the greatest benefits of using this add-in is the convenience of being able to immediately access and collaborate on scanned documents from your existing applications and devices. Files uploaded to Thru are easily searchable and can be accessed from Thru’s other add-ins for applications like Outlook, Salesforce, IBM Notes and more. Users can also access scanned files with Thru’s native mobile applications for iOS and Android devices and also from their Windows desktops with Thru Desktop Sync.

Want to learn more about the Thru Add-In for Xerox? Download the datasheet or contact us today.

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