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If you have a Thru account and use Xerox Multifunction Printers (MFPs), you can now easily scan and upload files securely to Thru Cloud storage. With Thru Add-In for Xerox, scan the documents, convert to a preferred format and save to Thru. It’s easy and simple.

Thru takes document collaboration to the next level with this add-in built exclusively for Xerox printers.

Improve Productivity for Your Global Offices

Using the touchscreen interface on your Xerox MFP, anyone in your organization can easily scan paper-based documents. Choose the format (fax, Excel, Word or PDF) to which to convert the document, and then immediately upload to Thru — all with a few taps of a finger.

Secure Your Documents

Thru Add-In for Xerox gives you peace of mind that all data and transactions are secure. All files stored in the Thru Cloud are encrypted, scanned for viruses, accessed only by registered users and files can be scheduled for deletion using retention policies.

Secure Your Documents

Access Scanned Documents On-the-Go from Any Device

All files uploaded to the Thru Cloud are easily searchable and can be accessed immediately via web browsers, mobile devices, email applications (Outlook and IBM Notes) and business applications (Salesforce and SharePoint). You also can be notified in real time via email when files have been added to Thru.

Securely Access, Share and Manage Your Files — Anywhere, Any Device, Anytime

Deploy Quickly and Access from Anywhere

Thru Add-In for Xerox can be instantly added to Xerox MFPs with no software configuration, server purchase or system maintenance.

Quick, Simple Deployment on Xerox MFPs and Access from Anywhere


Easy Capture and Upload to Thru Cloud Storage

Protect Digitized Content in Thru and Stay Compliant with Security Requirements

Access Scanned Documents from Any Device

Track and Report Actions of All Stored Documents

Ready to get started with Thru Add-In for Xerox?

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