Best Way to Upload Large Files Fast from Any Location


Upload Large Files Fast with Thru

A big “collaboration challenge” we have seen in enterprises is when business processes demand internal and external users to upload big files (higher than 1GB) due to file size limits in business applications, high latency connections and users working from remote locations. To try and fix large file upload problems like slow speeds and failed transfers, many IT departments are still using outdated FTP servers or permitting the use of consumer file sharing apps. In the long run, these methods potentially lead to compromising the security of sensitive intellectual property and have a low performance for file upload speed over long distances.

In this post, we will explain why Thru’s large file sharing service is the best and fastest way for businesses to upload and share large files of any size online, while dramatically increasing security and upload speeds.

The Ultimate “Fast File Uploading” Platform for Businesses

With the Thru file sharing platform, companies can provide large file uploads for thousands of internal and external users in two primary ways: Thru’s web browser application and the Thru Dropbox™ service. The Thru web application enables internal users to upload large files securely and share them in folders with other internal users. The Thru Dropbox service allows external users like customers, partners and vendors to upload large files to your company’s Thru file sharing site, without having to sign up for an account. Thru also has its file transfer acceleration technology that enables companies to increase file upload and download speeds by up to 20X.

Below are examples of how to use the Thru web application and Thru Dropbox for uploading large files from anywhere.

Note: The Thru platform has other add-ins that enable users to access, manage and share files for online collaboration.

Uploading Large Files from the Thru Web Browser Application

By far the easiest way for your internal users to upload large files into shared company folders is by using the Thru web application. This application can be used from any web browser and allows users to drag and drop files of any size and can even pause the upload and resume later (Note: users can choose between using Java/Browser upload protocols if needed). Watch the video below to see how users can upload files to Thru with the web application:


Receive Large Files Without Registration via Thru Dropbox™

Each user on the Thru file sharing platform automatically receives a Thru Dropbox™ folder for receiving files from external users like customers, partners or vendors. Thru users can create a link to their Thru Dropbox and place it in places like email signatures/web pages so contacts can easily upload large files to them with no registration requirements. The Thru Dropbox file upload form also gives uploaders the option of sending Thru users a private, encrypted message when transferring sensitive information like social security or credit card numbers. Watch the video below and see how Thru Dropbox works!


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