Cloud SFTP Solution

Manage all SFTP connections from one control plane

A modern SFTP cloud solution keeps your business compliant, reduces costs and is easy to implement.

SFTP managed in the cloud is a solution that controls and secures all file transfers for an organization, while providing tools to easily manage high volumes of SFTP connections.

How a Cloud SFTP Solution Works

Thru’s cloud SFTP file transfer solution acts as a broker between SFTP source and target connections. This consolidates all file transfers into one system and enables a single view of all activity.

Cloud MFT as a Service

Thru is a cloud-native managed file transfer as a service (MFTaaS). This means that Thru is already deployed—no installation or deployment by your resources and no lengthy wait times for setup. Simply create an account and start your journey with Thru.

Replace Legacy SFTP Servers with MFT

Implementing Thru’s MFT service helps achieve compliance for your InfoSec team. Additionally, using Thru

  • Modernizes your file transfer solution with a software as a service (SaaS).
  • Reduces the complexity of managing SFTP connections.
  • Replaces scripts with “no-code” flows.
  • Includes connectors for simple integration with Azure Blob and AWS S3.

Automate SFTP File Transfers and Operations

Managing your SFTP file transfers with Thru includes features such as

  • Easy-to-use drag and drop interface
  • Automatic alerts
  • Detailed audit
  • Role-based access controls (RBAC)
  • End-to-end encryption (E2EE)
  • Partner portal
  • APIs for developers

What Does Your SFTP Landscape Look Like?

File transfer technology has come a long way. Businesses no longer have to settle for disparate file transfer solutions and complex scripts that require frequent troubleshooting—all with limited or no visibility into the file transfer activities and status.

Instead, Thru helps organizations consolidate every file transfer into one system, giving your organization a secure solution to keep data safe and remain compliant with your InfoSec control standards.

Diagram of how messy and unsecure unmanaged file transfer can be amongst internal/external sources, systems, applications, cloud and databases when relying on email, FTP and shared storage
Diagram of how efficient, safe and compliant file transfer is when using a managed file transfer solution between internal/external sources, systems, applications, cloud and databases

Customer Success Story of Replacing Old SFTP Servers

Berghof Group is a well-established German tech firm known for innovation in its field of high-performance material manufacturing solutions.

Berghof contacted Thru with the classic case of needing to replace its old SFTP servers. They needed a system to provide control and visibility of all their file transfers. They also required a secure solution to keep data safe and maintain standards for compliance controls.

“We are very happy with Thru. We have replaced the management-intensive and unsecure FTP-solution with an up-to-date solution that integrates seamlessly into our workflow…We have cut our administration time and costs and given our employees an easy-to-use but powerful tool to share and receive files.”

Steffen Bertsch
IT Manager
Berghof Group


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