Managed File Transfer Connector (MFT) for MuleSoft®

Simplify file transfer integrations across the enterprise network

Thru provides MuleSoft with file transfer persistence to guarantee delivery. Files are securely stored in Thru’s cloud until delivered. By using the Thru MFT connector available from the Anypoint Exchange, developers can map persistent file transfer flows to MuleSoft data processing flows for data that requires processing or transformation.

How It Works

The Thru certified connector directly integrates MuleSoft data processing flows with Thru file flows – no coding required:

  • Utilizes the Thru data channel API.
  • Implements a set of simple operations to exchange file data and metadata between MuleSoft and Thru.
  • Handles all file pickup, drop off and exception handling.

Illustration of MuleSoft data processing flows integrating with Thru file flows by using Thru certified connector

Thru and MuleSoft Use Cases

Illustration of Thru MFT connector and MuleSoft integration transferring files from headquarters to point of sale

Connect Remote Networks with Central Headquarters

Connect remote networks (e.g., retail point-of-sale) with central headquarters with Thru and MuleSoft. Thru fulfills the file transfer integration and guaranteed file delivery with error handling. MuleSoft flows retrieve files from Thru using the Thru connector. These files can then be merged with other data, transformed and sent to enterprise applications via API calls in the MuleSoft flow.

Integration with Financial Institutions

Exchange financial data such as outbound payments and inbound reports with multiple financial institutions. The Thru® MFT Connector streams data in and out of MuleSoft flows where data is processed.

Illustration of Thru MFT connector and MuleSoft integration transferring files from enterprise to financial institutions

Illustration of Thru MFT connector and MuleSoft integration transferring files from HR SaaS to enterprise network

Integration with HR SaaS

As candidates are hired through a cloud recruiting service, numerous XML files are generated. Using the MFT connector, Thru picks up the XML files from the HR SaaS and drops the files to MuleSoft for processing.


Less Coding

  • Drag and drop the Thru microservice into flows
  • No need to code:
    • Individual connections
    • Guaranteed delivery
    • Persistence
    • Fault tolerance

Faster Partner Onboarding

  • Web-based portal simplifies onboarding
  • Various types of endpoints available
  • Unlimited number of endpoints can be set up for each partner
  • No limit on number of partners per flow

Less Disruption

  • Endpoint changes do not interrupt flows
  • Flexible and stable partner configuration
  • Unlimited file size

40% Reduction in Total Operational Costs with Thru-MuleSoft Integration

illustration of mechanical arm moving pipes to a pile

This manufacturer recently adopted MuleSoft and needed an MFT solution that was cloud-native and could integrate with it.

Thru was chosen because we have both capabilities and can provide easy migration of existing integrations. The manufacturer saved 40% in total operational costs over 3 years and decreased partner onboarding times from weeks to minutes.

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