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Boomi Managed File Transfer
(Boomi MFT)

Modernize your secure file transfers

Consolidate your file transfer and data integration into one solution: Boomi MFT.

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How It Works

Thru’s MFT connector enables cloud-native file data integration with Boomi and external partners while ensuring security, compliance and end-to-end visibility of file transfers.

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Replace SFTP Servers

Reduce Costs and Save Time

Boomi MFT provides an easy-to-use interface that enables business to quickly integrate with partners, suppliers and vendors to simplify and secure file data transfers.

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Consolidate File Data Transfers

Add MFT to your Boomi Platform

Adding MFT to your Boomi platform allows for consolidation of all file data transfers into one system.

Boomi MFT provides a single source of truth for monitoring all file data transfers.

Reduce the number of vendors by adding Thru to your Boomi Agreement.

Thru & Boomi Connected

Connect via Native Connector or APIs to Manage and Control Transfers

diagram showing extended network sending files to core business systems using Thru which uses data channel to allow file data to pass from Thru to Boomi and vice versa. Control channel allows Boomi to monitor and control all Thru file transfers using SIEM.

Data channel allows file data to pass from Thru to Boomi and vice versa.

Send file data from Boomi with upstream process to Thru and onto extended network or receive file data from external sources via Thru that require further processing before reaching target systems.

Control channel allows Boomi to monitor and control all Thru file transfers.

File data integration does not always require file payload passing via Boomi. There are instances where files are transferred directly between source and target systems. In these circumstances, Boomi can still either trigger these transfers and/or monitor them via the API.


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End-to-End Encryption

Files are encrypted at the file level in addition to using encrypted protocols during transit and storage encryption at rest.

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Monitor All File Transfer Integrations

Experience transparent file transfer visibility with Thru’s dashboard and detailed reporting.

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Every function and feature in our graphical user interface has an API which allows programmatic control of Thru.

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Guaranteed Delivery

Our MFT service is persistent: All files are securely stored until delivered, providing retry, auto-resume, exception handling and notifications.

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Connector seamlessly integrates Boomi data processing flows with MFT flows for file exchange with any application or endpoint, internal or external.


Power of the Integrated Platforms

Use Boomi MFT to Meet Your Cloud and API-First Strategies

Map Flows between Boomi and Thru

Connector instantly maps file data transfer flows to file processing flows for secure and agile B2B file transfer integrations.


Nothing to deploy—Thru is already deployed and ready to start transferring files securely.

Dynamic Scaling

Distributed microservices of Thru’s cloud-native architecture increase capacity as required.

Usage-Based Pricing

Pricing is based on usage. Customer has access to all functionality, including APIs, regardless of the tier.

Thru can be purchased directly from Boomi. Please contact your Boomi Account Executive.

Customers Experience File Transfer Successes

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Learn More About Our File Transfer Capabilities


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On-Demand Demo

Watch the demo to see how to transfer files using our MFT connector for Boomi:
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