Secure File Transfer Solution for Boomi

Easily build and integrate high volume file transfers into any Boomi process

Add guaranteed delivery and persistence to file transfers in Boomi with Thru’s MFT connector.

One Connector for All Your Secure File Transfers

Simplify Secure File Transfer Integration with Multiple External Endpoints

Thru provides an efficient file transfer tool for Boomi when exchanging files with a high number of external trading partners or with other external endpoints such as AWS or Azure storage.

Thru enables a single interface for your organization to manage file transfers for hundreds or thousands of connections, reducing the need for the organization to manage and maintain each of those endpoints.

Separate processes for file transfers and integration: Within the Boomi AtomSphere interface, add Thru as a connector and start adding file pick up or drop off to your processes. External business partners connect directly to Thru, and then Boomi interfaces with Thru to collect or distribute files for an upstream process.

illustration of adding thru connector to boomi atomsphere to enable file pick up and drop off

Move Forward with Thru

Thru is a secure cloud-native managed file transfer platform. There is nothing to deploy—simply create an account and start your journey.

  • Simplify file transfer with external endpoints using one connector.
  • Remove file payload from Boomi.
  • Keep files transfers secure.
  • Remain compliant with InfoSec controls.

Use Cases for Integrating MFT with Boomi

Exchange Files with Banks

Citibank and Thru are connected via SFTP. Thru can act as either a client or server. Files sent by Citi to the enterprise are held in Thru until the enterprise collects the files. These files contain sales transactions data that will be transformed into another format for consumption by the ERP system.

Exchange Files with Remote Locations

Remote locations that transfer and receive files from headquarters install a lightweight Thru MFT agent (known as a Thru Node) which connects to Thru over HTTPS using port 443 to receive instructions to pull or push files to Thru.

Exchange Files with Cloud Endpoints

Data stored in Amazon S3 or Azure is transferred to locations on the enterprise private network. Thru via its cloud endpoint connects securely to the cloud storage account. Files can either be sent to or from these locations to any other endpoint location.

Transfer Files between Locations on a Network

Files transferred between systems on a network are controlled from the cloud. The files in this instance remain on the network. Only metadata and status is transmitted to Thru.

Detailed diagram of secure file transfer integrated into Boomi processes using Thru's managed file transfer (MFT) solution


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