Managed File Transfer Connector (MFT) for Boomi

Add guaranteed delivery and persistence to file transfers in Boomi

With our MFT Connector for Boomi, available in AtomSphere, enterprises regain control of file transfers—dramatically shortening cross-vendor integration times and providing granular visibility into file exchanges company-wide.

How It Works

Our certified connector adds drag-and-drop file transfer operations in AtomSphere:

  • Uses the Thru data channel API.
  • Exchanges file data and metadata between Boomi and Thru.
  • Manages all file pickup, drop off and exception handling.

Illustration of Boomi data processes integrating with Thru file flows by using Thru certified connector

Illustration of boomi retrieving files from thru and sent to other applications via api calls

Merging Data

At any step in a process, Boomi retrieves a file from Thru using the File Pickup operation. The data received from Thru can be merged with other data, transformed and sent to enterprise applications via API calls in the Boomi process.

Transforming Data

Insurance agencies use Thru to send files to the enterprise for data processing and analysis. Boomi retrieves the files from Thru using the On File Pickup Source operation. High quality data is then parsed, transformed and sent to enterprise applications via API calls in the Boomi process.

Illustration of Thru MFT connector transferring insurance claim files to Boomi integration with enterprise applications

Illustration of enterprise partner network receiving files from thru and boomi zipping file and archives in amazon s3

Archiving Data

An enterprise receives files from Thru with the On File Pickup Source operation. After retrieving them, Boomi zips the files and archives them in an Amazon S3 endpoint.


Low Code

  • Drag and drop Thru microservice into Boomi processes
  • No custom coding required for:
    • Guaranteed delivery
    • Persistence
    • Fault tolerance

No Workflow Interruptions

  • Loosely coupled endpoints
  • Unlimited file size
  • Automatic retry and checkpoint restart

Faster Partner Onboarding

  • Flexible and stable partner configuration
  • Unlimited number of partners per process
  • Self-service portal further simplifies onboarding

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