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How to include MFT integration with the Boomi platform

As digital transformation initiatives continue, large organizations are turning to cloud-based integration platforms (iPaaS) such as Boomi to provide seamless integration between disparate cloud, on-premises and hybrid enterprise software and services. An essential component of this framework is the exchange of sensitive business data. To fully address this integrated secure file transfer need, it is beneficial for organizations to select a managed file transfer (MFT) technology such as Thru that is a modern cloud-native service with extensive APIs.

The following sections provide a look into the Boomi and Thru relationship.

illustration of box labeled boomi and thru receiving cubes represents partnership of boomi and thru to securely transfer files

When Does an Integration Platform Need MFT?

If your company shares files with an ecosystem of trading partners, customers and/or suppliers, then managed file transfer should absolutely be on your radar. Legacy on-premises systems have persistence for file transfers; however, when an organization moves its architecture to the cloud via an iPaaS, there is now a need for a persistence solution for file transfers.

Understanding MFT versus EDI

Business-to-business (B2B) data exchange technologies enable integration with business partners. The two most common classes of data exchange are MFT and electronic data interchange (EDI):

  1. MFT is a service enabling the secure transfer of sensitive, large file-size or compliance-protected data between corporate entities. MFT helps guarantee delivery and security without the overhead of parsing and transformation.
  2. EDI is the computer-to-computer exchange of business documents in a standardized electronic format. EDI data may require parsing, mapping and transformation.

Thru extends file-based data exchange functionality to the Boomi integration platform, resulting in a comprehensive, integrated file transfer solution that now supports both MFT and EDI data exchange.

Thru Adds Management to SFTP Transfers in iPaaS

Boomi supports connections to SFTP, so why is an additional file transfer component needed?

In addition to supporting SFTP and other protocols, Thru is a storage-based service designed specifically to manage and securely transfer files. The Thru MFT Connector for Boomi enables companies to instantly map MFT workflows in Thru to Boomi integration processes, providing simple, secure and agile B2B file transfer integrations.

The table below highlights the key differences between Boomi and Thru:

  Boomi (iPaaS) Thru (MFT)
Data Exchange Real-time Batch
Payload Size Small to Medium kBs Unlimited
Persistent (Stores files until delivery) No (Limited persistence) Unlimited
Data Transformation Yes No
SFTP Connection Point-to-Point One flow for many partners
Guaranteed Delivery Requires Programing Out-of-the-box


Simplified Management of File Transfer Processes

illustration of thru managed file transfer organization interface
The web-based Thru interface allows easier MFT management and does not require developer skills. Additionally, the interface streamlines onboarding of new partners and simplifies management of endpoints and file routing. Complete visibility of all file transfer traffic is available within the portal.

Provides Drag-and-Drop MFT to Boomi

Our certified MFT connector for Boomi adds drag-and-drop file transfer operations to AtomSphere:

  • Uses the Thru data channel API.
  • Exchanges file data and metadata between Boomi and Thru.
  • Manages all file pickup, drop off and exception handling.
Illustration of Boomi data processes integrating with Thru file flows by using Thru certified connector

Thru + Boomi: The Perfect Pair

Managed file transfer systems have considerable impact on the success or failure of integration processes. It is important to have a strong strategy in place to optimize existing file transfer processes with tools and practices that meet modern integration use cases and business outcomes. The integration of Thru’s MFT service with Boomi provides a complete, cloud-based solution that can greatly optimize critical B2B transactions across the supply chain and lines of business.

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