Secure Document Exchange

Send and receive documents and files securely

Sending confidential documents via post, fax and email is still a common practice but does not provide necessary security or tracking. It is critical to protect documents containing sensitive data while being exchanged both internally within companies and externally with clients, partners, vendors and regulatory agencies. Using the right secure document exchange solution provides both protection of information and full control and oversight of files going in and out of the business.

What Is Secure Document Exchange?

what is secure document exchange

Secure document exchange is a solution that allows people to easily send and receive files securely from anywhere at any time while meeting compliance requirements such as end-to-end encryption and audit logs of all transfers. You can rest assured knowing that documents being exchanged are not compromised.

Why Use Secure Document Exchange?

With identity theft and fraud occurrences continuing to rise, documents and files containing confidential and personally identifiable information (PII) must be validated and secured while in transit and at rest. Documents transferred by Thru’s cloud-based service are protected with end-to-end encryption and antivirus scanning. Our architecture is built on multiple levels of security at the infrastructure, application and data layers and undergoes regular intrusion detection and prevention scans to identify and fix vulnerabilities and threats.

Secure File Exchange

secure document exchange on desktop computer or mobile

Securely access and share files of any size from desktops or mobile devices via web browsers and email clients. Anyone can upload documents directly to your secure Thru Dropbox™ account.

Control & Monitor

secure document exchange enables control and monitoring

Control access to documents, such as viewing, editing and downloading. Track documents and run comprehensive audit reports on all file activities such as downloads/uploads, transfers and deletions.

Easily Integrate

easily integrate with secure document exchange

Add out-of-the-box plugins to Microsoft Outlook/Office 365 and Salesforce to exchange documents without interruptions to daily processes. Integration via APIs and an embeddable file upload widget are also available.

Secure Document Exchange Use Cases

The following use cases highlight common document exchange scenarios.

PII Protection when Submitting Insurance Claims

When a policyholder files a claim with their insurance company, they may submit large files such as videos, photos and reports of the incident. Documentation may also include medical assessments and other reports containing PII.

Regulatory Reporting to Tax Agencies

Clients send finance companies documents containing confidential information. The company must be able to control access to documents and track file activity to generate audit reports for submission to regulatory agencies.

Time-Sensitive Tracking of Mortgage Applications

Participants in real estate transactions submit a significant number of time-sensitive documents containing critical financial information such as tax returns, pay stubs, title insurance and bank statements to mortgage and real estate brokers.

Secure document exchange with Thru provides confidentiality and accountability that sending files via other means does not achieve. Transferring documents using Thru ensures the integrity of client and company data. Users can easily and safely exchange sensitive information while administrators have the necessary controls to manage and monitor file transfers to help meet strict regulations.

Thru Solution for Secure Document Exchange

Thru’s cloud file transfer service provides a simple gateway for external users to securely exchange documents with organizations using a web-based interface.

Option 1: Thru Dropbox™

Organizations can provide users with a simple Thru webform where users can drag and drop documents that are then sent securely and tracked to the recipient at the organization. For extra protection, the organization can enforce external senders to register and authenticate before being able to upload documents.

Thru dropbox secure document exchange

Option 2: Thru Custom Upload Widget

Organizations can integrate Thru’s file upload widget and API into web-based forms where documents and associated metadata are uploaded to Thru. APIs can then programmatically retrieve these documents for processing.

thru secure document upload widget

Secure File Transfer Processes of Sensitive Documents

“Plus500 has an active customer base of over 317 thousand with 37 million positions opened and nearly $1.3 trillion trade value in 2017 globally. We rely on the security, reliability, speed and traceability that Thru provides to ensure our file exchange processes perform beyond the expectations of our internal stakeholders, a network of the world’s largest international banks and exchanges, and most importantly, our customers. Thru continues to deliver the world-class technology and service that our rapid growth requires and helps keep us one step ahead of our explosive growth.”

David Zruia
Chief Operating Officer


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