Build Your Own MFT Connector with APIs

Create simple interaction between middleware flows and Thru managed file transfer system

The Thru Connector Rest API enables connection of file transfer flows to middleware processing flows in such a way that the file transfer collection and distribution is delegated to a separate tool, in this case, Thru MFT. This allows for file data transfers to be de-coupled from the logical flows, which means any changes to data flows do not impact flows on the middleware system.

For example, an enterprise may have many trading partners where the data collected is processed by a single middleware flow. If any of the trading partners have a failure where data is not collected, this does not stop the overall flow of data from source to middleware.

thru connector rest api enables file transfer flows to middleware processing flows

How Thru’s API Connector Works

The Thru Connector API is passive so the middleware application makes a call to Thru over HTTPS to push/pull a file and get metadata and outcome status. The connector is designed to associate middleware flows to file transfer flows, and there can be many of each. Therefore, when the connector is configured with a file transfer flow, it is authenticated not only to Thru but also to a particular flow.

The connector has four services as described below.

File Pick Up

The middleware application picks up files from Thru’s Flow from any subscribing organizations.

Note: Each Thru Flow can have multiple subscribers that feed files to it.

File Drop Off

The middleware application drops off a file to Thru using the connector which has been configured to associate the file with a Flow. The logic of the file transfer flow determines which subscribers of that flow receives it.

File Metadata

When the file is being picked up by the middleware application, Thru also sends the metadata of that file, which provides additional information to the middleware application for file routing.

Flow Outcome

When the file is being picked up by the middleware application, the Outcome API call provides visibility back to the middleware application of any exceptions. For example, in a batch processing use case where many external partners are sending files to a Thru file transfer flow, the results of successful and failed transfers to Thru are reported to the API call.

Customer Success Story Using Thru’s API Connector

logo of Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET)

The Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) sought to replace an existing FTP-based system to securely transfer files within and outside of the organization for several business-critical use cases.

Each month, the IET must ingest thousands of journals generated by hundreds of publishers. Additionally, the organization relies on numerous accounting applications which require secure and reliable transfer into the ERP system for financial reporting.

Integration between master source of customer data and a cloud marketing platform requires secure file transfer between the systems. Ad-hoc file transfers are also required from time to time to augment automated processes.

The following diagram provides an overall architecture of the Thru solution where file transfers are shared across internal departments as well as from external third-party clients.

thru api connector architecture showing file transfers being shared across departments and external clients

Partners & Internal Departments

Partners are any internal or external organization where there is a requirement to share files with them.

It is possible to support both a ‘push’ model to our partners (i.e., where the enterprise sends the data to them) and a ‘pull’ model (i.e., where the third-party collects the file) with the system.

Partner Portal

The partner portal is a dedicated area within the Thru service which enables third-party clients to directly manage their credentials. Ongoing maintenance activities of the service can be ‘outsourced’ to trusted third parties where appropriate.


An Endpoint is a device that the organization has defined as being capable of sending and receiving files. This could be an Amazon S3 bucket or an internal server among other supported endpoint connections.

Thru Node

The Thru Node is a local, on-premises Windows or Linux Server agent that connects to Thru in the cloud in order to broker file moves over HTTPS.

These nodes are managed through the cloud portal and can be integrated into middleware flows accordingly.

Thru Flow

A Thru Flow is an exchange workflow process that describes how the file transfer is processed throughout the system.

Thru API Connector

The API connector enables developers to build APIs in middleware applications in and around processing middleware flows. For example, using an SFTP transfer into the middleware system can trigger an API call to ERP for billing.


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