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Illustrative interface showing ability to monitor and manage file transfers with APIs

Thru provides a comprehensive API for configuration, management, monitoring and alerts. Most functions available through the web portal are available with the REST API, making Thru a programmable headless MFT. It allows integration in a complex enterprise solution and complete orchestration by integration platforms (iPaaS) or other external software applications.

Management API

The management API can configure primary Thru entities, including customer instances, file workflows, partner organizations, protocol endpoints and user accounts.

  • Create, modify, delete, disable or activate entities via API calls.
  • Configure relationships between entities, e.g., subscribe organizations to file flows.
  • Retry file delivery to iPaaS flows or to organization endpoints.
  • Delete specific files.

Illustration of configuration in cloud managed file transfer

Illustration of monitoring activity using api

Monitoring API

Our monitoring API retrieves file transfer and other activity information and passes it to external applications to increase visibility.

  • Search and retrieve various Thru alerts according to different criteria, including severity, status, type, flow, organization, endpoint or date range.
  • Enable external security information and event management systems (SIEM) to retrieve Thru’s alert data and incorporate it into integrated monitoring dashboards.

Build Connectors

With our data channel API, develop your own connector to integrate Thru with third-party software or any application that consumes data over a REST API. The connector service API pulls and pushes. For example, a retailer can build an integration with the connector service API so Thru makes point-of-sale reports from stores directly available to inventory management software.

The connector service API supports parallel upload. Note: Large file downloads consume more memory. If you need to support the pickup of very large files, arriving files need to be persisted before proceeding to processing.

Building connector using Thru’s API

Dell EMC Automatically Creates Users with Our API

Dell EMC’s customer service portal Powerlink was beginning to show its age. Customers could not send files of more than two gigabytes and technical failures happened often, leading to frustration and dissatisfaction. To improve their experience, Dell EMC chose Thru and now uses our API to automatically create users.

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