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Usage-Based Pricing

Usage-based pricing illustration

Thru charges on file transfer usage tiers:

  • Each tier provides guaranteed capacity for the file transfer volume tier selected.
  • Tiers are based on monthly transaction allowances, billed annually.
  • Pricing starts at $375 per month.

Common Pricing Questions

What is included in the price?

Thru is a service: Price includes functionality, deployment, continuous updates, training and support. Thru manages the instance and is responsible for high availability, disaster recovery and load balancing.

How are overages handled?

Your expected usage determines tier assignment. If transactions exceed this amount, you are charged an overage fee per transaction and asked to move up a tier.

How do I upgrade?

Increase transactions at any time by asking to be moved into a different pricing tier.

What is a Thru transaction?

A Thru transaction is measured as a file coming into or going out of the system.

For example, when a file is sent from 1 source to 3 targets, 4 transactions are counted:

Diagram of one file being sent from 1 source to 3 targets equals 4 transaction charges

Is a free trial available?

Yes! There is nothing to deploy—our file transfer services are production ready!

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