How Is Electronic Software Delivery (ESD) Managed with Salesforce?

Efficient software distribution and management in the cloud

Businesses require a secure, digital method to deliver new software, releases and patches to users. In return, software users need a dependable way to quickly send log files and corrupt databases or software back to the company for diagnosis. Businesses also require an efficient process to track, audit and report software distribution for revenue recognition, entitlement and compliance purposes.

Cloud Solution for Electronic Software Delivery

Thru hosts your software builds in a secure and highly available virtual storage system in the cloud. Let your entitled customers self-serve or have your team distribute directly from Salesforce or similar customer relationship management (CRM) software.

Top benefits of using Thru for ESD include the following:

Large File Delivery

Remove file size or type limitations imposed by CRMs, FTP and email clients. Use our file transfer service to easily send large files from any existing application interface.

Tracking and Reporting

Track every download with an acceptance statement recorded in Audit. Integration with CRMs creates single view of recipient software downloads and software distribution.

Guaranteed File Delivery

Encrypted persistent storage stores files until successfully delivered with zero data loss. Checkpoint restart capability ensures file transfer will resume from a certain data point.

Manage Software Delivery with Salesforce Connector

Reduce implementation time by using our out-of-the-box Salesforce connector. Within minutes, seamlessly send large files from within Salesforce. Revenue recognition and confirmation of software delivery to customers is automatically logged in Thru and passed to Salesforce. Customer uploads to Thru Dropbox™ are secure and readily available from within Salesforce for subsequent organization, management and processing.

How Does ESD with Salesforce Integrated with Thru Work?

model for electronic software distribution with Salesforce integrated with Thru

Customer Success Stories of ESD

Send Software Electronically and Securely

Software Delivery Challenges

Manhattan Associates’ aging FTP infrastructure was not able to keep up with its file transfer demands. The company started searching for a file transfer solution that would speed up software distribution, remove file / folder size limits and integrate with its CRM, Salesforce.

Software Distribution Solution

Manhattan Associates chose Thru to securely deliver software to internal users and supply chain providers. Use of Thru’s Salesforce connector provides large file sharing capability and logging of all transaction activity within a common, known interface.

Manhattan Associates logo

“We were not only able to solve our own internal file exchange problems, but we were also able to address file management challenges with our customers.”

Kevin McDearis, Chief Information Officer

File Upload/Download for Salesforce

Bi-directional exchange of the files attached to support cases in Salesforce–based support systems:

  • Logs and software patches.
  • 60K+ users.
  • 10TB monthly uploads and 100TB+ storage.
  • Integration of Dell EMC Salesforce Lightning support environment with Thru Lightning file management component and Thru platform via Web Services API.

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Distribution of Software Patches

  • Deliver software instantly through the cloud as opposed to mailing physical media.
  • Distribution of software patches as part of support system.
  • Integration of custom Salesforce application with Thru platform using Thru Web Services API.

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File Distribution to Customers

  • Thru deployment in ACI datacenters.
  • Distribution of software products to the customers based on entitlements.
  • Mission Critical workflow of software distribution in high-security environment.
  • Integration of custom Salesforce application and Oracle/Java back-end application with Thru platform via Thru Web Services API to manage product files, user accounts and security.

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