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ACI Worldwide delivers large software files directly from Salesforce with Thru

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Customer Size
1001-5000 employees

Country or Region
United States

Computer Software

Customer Profile
ACI Worldwide provides Universal Payments solutions to more than 5,000 of the world’s top financial institutions, retailers, billers and processors.

Business Situation
Needed a file sharing solution to distribute all software builds and patches from Salesforce and track when files have been delivered.

ACI Worldwide is using the Thru API integrated with its Salesforce portal to transfer large software files and recognize revenue for deliveries with Thru Audit.


  • Cut costs by consolidating software delivery to a single solution
  • Improved customer satisfaction with easy software retrievals
  • Met revenue recognition requirements
  • Increased availability of its software library

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Ellen Southerland
Manager, Corporate Software Delivery
ACI Worldwide

ACI Worldwide powers electronic payments and banking for more than 5,000 financial institutions, retailers, billers and processors around the world. It processes $13 trillion in payments and securities transactions each day, processing transactions for more than 250 of the leading global retailers and 21 of the world’s 25 largest banks.


As one of the leading providers of electronic payments solutions, ACI Worldwide must quickly and reliably distribute its software builds, updates and patches to some of the world’s top financial organizations. To transfer these files, the company previously used a homegrown FTP system that became complicated as the company began to acquire multiple software companies.

When ACI acquired a software company, it would usually obtain a different software delivery system that would complicate the distribution process. Slowly over time, they tried to pull each of these under one system, but this made their in-house system very cumbersome to use. To streamline distribution and give customers an easier way to retrieve files, ACI searched for a file exchange solution that would consolidate all systems to a single solution. Since all ACI customer interactions and support happen from Salesforce, the company wanted this new file sharing solution to integrate seamlessly with its Salesforce portal and allow employees to send software without leaving their existing application.


After evaluating multiple solutions, ACI Worldwide chose Thru as its single solution to deliver all software products directly from Salesforce. Using the Thru API to extend the integration with Salesforce, the company created a custom interface for its users, enabling them to send new software products, updates and fixes—all without leaving their existing Salesforce portal. Since ACI chose to deploy Thru on-premises, all software deliveries and downloads from customers are performed on its own servers.

To give its customers an easy way to retrieve software without sign-ons or complex processes, ACI simply sends a link to a customer’s inbox where they can securely download files. For ACI to control entitlement for multiple software products, it uses the Thru Groups feature to manage access for specific customers or categories of customers.

After a delivery is sent, Thru sends an email notification to ACI after the last bit of software has been downloaded by customers and populates all activity history within Salesforce. In the event of system interruption or disaster, ACI also uses Thru’s mirroring technology to make its software library available across multiple ACI data centers. If a data center becomes unavailable, ACI can redirect customers and employees to download and send files from a different data center to prevent any interruption in software distribution.


Now that ACI Worldwide is using Thru to deliver and manage all software distribution, the company is accomplishing more than it was with its previous homegrown file transfer system. By integrating the Thru Platform with Salesforce, ACI is now experiencing the following benefits:

  • Cut costs – By merging multiple software deliveries to a single solution.
  • Maximized the value of its Salesforce investment – By integrating Thru.
  • Met revenue recognition requirements – With Thru’s auditing feature.
  • Data resides on ACI servers – Thru can deploy on-premises, in cloud or both.
  • End users can easily yet securely send files – No complicated processes or sign-ons.
  • Improved satisfaction of customers – Software can now be downloaded without learning new tools.
  • Software files are available 24/7 aroundthe globe – By using Thru mirroring technology.

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