Salesforce® Integration

Our Salesforce integration removes file and folder size limits and logs each file transfer and download as a Salesforce activity, giving you more insight into each prospect’s journey.

Send secure message with Thru’s Salesforce integration

Screenshot of prospects’ activities and Thru file transfer integration in Salesforce

Improve Each Prospect’s Journey

  • Get advanced insights into what files prospects are downloading and how to best help them throughout the transaction.
  • Protect each prospect’s information and communications.
  • Improve predictions, forecasts and other models with comprehensive information available in one place.

Integrate without Affecting Ease of Use

  • Eliminate file and folder size limits.
  • Implement the connector without disrupting the workflow for IT administrators or end users.
  • Maintain company image, user and customer interfaces and messaging while Thru runs in the background.
Thru’s Saleforce connector enables easy workflows

Attach file to secure messages using Thru’s Salesforce connector

Transfer and Track Files Securely

  • Monitor and protect your Salesforce files with advanced security and tracking capabilities.
  • Maintain corporate policies and security posture with a comprehensive audit trail, expiration control and more.
  • Verify authenticity, monitor file uploads/downloads and create time-sensitive expiration controls.

Vocera Increases Customer Satisfaction with Salesforce API

“By integrating with our Salesforce instance, we were able to automate the link creation and sharing, while maintaining reporting and security. An optimization win for Vocera and our customers!”

Ron Gajadhar
Director of Technical Support Operations

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