Cloud Managed File Transfer (MFT)

Provision MFTaaS in Thru or private cloud as budget and governance requires

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Thru is a cloud managed file transfer (MFT) platform that handles all aspects of automated and manual file transfers, including configuration, administration and integration. Adopt a cloud-native MFT solution to obtain

  • Unlimited elasticity
  • Multiple levels of security
  • Seamless cloud integrations

Cloud MFT Deployment Options

We offer two main cloud MFT deployment options: configuration in our cloud or in your private cloud, such as Microsoft Azure Cloud or Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud. We also offer a hybrid architecture that extends MFT functionality to internal file transfers: These transfers are orchestrated by our cloud and executed by MFT agents installed on corporate networks. All files within internal flows are transferred inside the enterprise’s firewalls.

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Using Our Cloud for File Transfers

Thru runs in certified Azure data centers in the United States, United Kingdom, Germany and Australia. Because we are a cloud MFT as a service (MFTaaS) company, we manage deployment and maintenance for you.

Benefits of running in our cloud include

  • Zero deployment or maintenance
  • Automatic upgrade to new features
  • Unlimited elasticity based on file transfer load
  • Multiple location options, based on data sovereignty requirements and network proximity
  • Defense in depth with multiple levels of security
  • High availability and disaster recovery
  • High speed file transfer service option

We ensure database, infrastructure and data center security.

File Transfers in Your Private Cloud

To satisfy your corporate governance or security requirements, you can deploy Thru in your virtual private cloud in Azure or AWS. If deployed in your private cloud, you will need to pay for and manage the MFT cloud infrastructure. You can give Thru access to configure managed updates, which are semi-automatic. You can also add high availability (HA) to your configuration.

Learn more about deployment in a private cloud:

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cloud managed file transfer hybrid architecture transfers files within or across network firewalls using mft agent

Cloud MFT with On-Premises Agent

Transfer files within your enterprise firewall with the Thru Node (an MFT agent), which is installed on-premises to transfer files yet is orchestrated by our cloud. The node runs in a distributed configuration with auto-scaling, where multiple microservices are spawned on demand and/or executed concurrently to meet data transfer requirements. This distributed architecture creates a highly available configuration: If a microservice fails to complete a task, another launches.

An online administration portal is used to re-configure, pause/resume, restart or update the node. Configurations are retrieved by the node via outbound polling using an HTTPS connection.

Benefits of a hybrid solution include

  • Files never leave enterprise network
  • Automated file compression, PGP encryption, renaming and routing
  • Auto-scaling capabilities and high availability

Cloud Managed File Transfer FAQs

What is cloud managed file transfer (MFT)?

Cloud MFT, or MFT as a service (MFTaaS), is a managed file transfer software that is deployed in the cloud and automates file transfers.

What are the benefits of cloud managed file transfer?

The benefits of cloud managed file transfer are

  • Fast deployment
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Automatic scaling

Additionally, high availability and disaster recovery are managed by the vendor.

What is the difference between cloud managed file transfer, on-premises MFT and hybrid MFT?

Cloud managed file transfer is deployed in the cloud while on-premises file transfer is commonly deployed in a company’s DMZ, which is between the local area network (LAN) and external network. Compare MFT Deployments: Cloud Managed File Transfer (MFT) vs. On-Premises MFT vs Hybrid MFT »

Is cloud managed file transfer secure?

Yes—if the vendor takes appropriate measures to protect its infrastructure, application and customer data. These measures should include using firewalls with stateful inspection, real-time antivirus scanning, role-based security and file encryption at rest and in transit. Learn more about our security measures for our cloud managed file transfer »

What cloud managed file transfer integrations does Thru offer?

Thru offers cloud MFT integrations for MuleSoft, Boomi, Amazon S3, Outlook and Salesforce.

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