File Transfer Automation

With reusable workflows and client/server functionality, Thru fits many different use cases. Configure automated file transfers in a web portal and onboard partners in minutes with our cloud-native managed file transfer (MFT) service. Multiple protocols and connectors are available.

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Publish/Subscribe Architecture for MFT

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Thru’s publish/subscribe (pub/sub) design replaces multiple brittle point-to-point connections with workflow subscriptions, making it more flexible than traditional MFT solutions.

  • Set many-to-many file transfers using one workflow and multiple endpoints
  • Change endpoints or subscriptions at any time without disrupting file transfers
  • Broadcast or route data based on business rules, endpoint and file metadata

API-Centric Service Integrates with Your IT Landscape

Choose an MFT solution that fits your current requirements and aligns with your integration strategy. Connect with other systems by using Thru’s:

  • Certified MuleSoft and Boomi connectors.
  • Management API to configure and manage Thru entities as needed.
  • Monitoring API to connect our alerts and activity streams to your IT operations management (ITOM) or security information and event management (SIEM) software such as Splunk, IBM, SolarWinds, Cisco, Microsoft or Dell.
Thru’s MFT service integrates with EiPaaS

Automate File Processing to Fit Your Use Case

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Configure workflows without coding and use one workflow for many partners:

  • Meet your use case with various workflow types, including one-to-many, many-to-one and to/from an integration platform (EiPaaS).
  • Set retention policies to purge, keep or archive files.
  • Add your own third-party software connector to workflows.

Within workflows, you can change file metadata and perform other types of file processing. Tailor workflows for your use case with

*Coming soon in Summer 2021 release. Please contact our sales team for more information.

Guaranteed File Delivery Reduces Business Disruption

Thru guarantees file delivery with

  • Persistent storage: Thru is built on a cloud file system that stores files until delivery.
  • File transfer resume: After network disruption, file transfers will resume for major transfer protocols.
  • Durable workflows: The logic of workflows is durable during file transfer retries. The system always knows where and when the files should be delivered after transfer interruptions are fixed.
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File Transfer Monitoring in Near Real-Time

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Automatically get alerted about issues and enjoy full visibility and control of file transfers. Thru records each file transfer in a tracking database and presents the information in dashboards.

When an issue arises, you can

  • Receive an email or text alert at your selected frequency.
  • Use the alerts dashboard to troubleshoot the issue.
  • Stop or start a workflow at any time without system downtime.

If you have an ITOM or SIEM system, use our monitoring API to connect Thru alerts to it and maintain a centralized monitoring system.

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