Secure File Transfer in the Cloud

Efficiently and securely transfer files while remaining compliant. Consolidate workflows and operate with ease while using a no-code interface.

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secure cloud file transfer reduces operational costs

reduction in operational costs

secure cloud file transfer allows for shorter file transfer setups

less time to set up file transfer connections

secure cloud file transfer allows for more efficient partner onboarding

efficiency gains in partner onboarding

illustration: Thru experts have been masters of MFT since 2002

Cloud-Native Managed File Transfer

Our managed file transfer as a service (MFTaaS) started in the cloud and continues to provide cloud-based automated file transfer and ad hoc file sharing capabilities to businesses.

Our MFT agent, known as Thru Node, is a key component of a distributed hybrid architecture on an internal network while Thru’s MFT control plane remains in the cloud.

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Competitive Advantages of True Cloud-Based File Transfer


Thru is live and ready for use with nothing to deploy: Simply select an instance in the chosen region.

Continuous, Seamless Updates

Always use the most up-to-date software: Automatic updates are made to the platform with zero downtime.

Dynamically Scales

Thru’s cloud-native architecture is made up of distributed micro-services that automatically scale.


An API is available for every function in the graphical user interface—programmatically control Thru via APIs.

partial screenshot of Thru interface showing organization properties and endpoint types

Our 3-Year TCO Is Significantly Lower

Total cost of ownership (TCO) includes obvious costs such as the application plus several hidden costs, which are harder to ascertain since they are likely associated with implementation and ongoing operations. The feature sets of leading MFT providers Thru, GoAnywhere and Progress MOVEit are similar but when it comes to comparing the TCO and how the solution is delivered, the differences become quite clear.

Our price model is easy to build and understand:

secure cloud file transfer's pricing is transparent

All-inclusive pricing—no hidden costs

secure cloud file transfer's pricing allows you to increase file transfer capacity when needed

Start small and increase capacity as needed

secure cloud file transfer pricing has a saas model based on usage

SaaS model based on usage

Solve Your File Transfer Problems

Reduce Costs

Reduce operational and infrastructure costs by using MFT as a service. Leave infrastructure operations, scaling, availability and updates to us.
Deploy in Cloud »

move file transfers from on-premises to the cloud

Protect Data

Zero trust security measures are built into every layer, including controlled access, authentication, antivirus scanning and end-to-end encryption (E2EE) in transit and at rest.
Secure Files »

Connect Faster

Complete workflows faster with native integration connectors for MuleSoft, Boomi, Amazon S3 and more.
Extend Integration »

Migrate to Cloud

Use available APIs to reduce on-premises migration efforts.
Integrate with APIs »

Remain Compliant

Satisfy data management standards with encryption, identity access controls, auditing, retention and additional tools to help remain compliant with GDPR, GxP, HIPAA, PCI DSS and SOC 2.
Compliance & Standards »

Stay in Control

Consolidate SFTP, HTTPS and FTPS transfers into one system. Work more efficiently and remedy problems before they impact business.
Automate Transfers »

Customers Share File Transfer Successes

Thru’s enterprise-class MFTaaS solution is the file exchange cornerstone for some of the world’s largest corporations. Our cloud-native MFT application continually delivers tangible, escalating returns on investment by uniquely addressing the most challenging managed file transfer requirements.

  • Richemont successfully transfers 85k files each month
  • 3 years of development time saved
  • 3 years of development time saved
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