Control File Transfers on a Network from the Cloud

Maintain on-premises system-to-system file transfer management with a cloud MFT solution

Thru is a cloud-native service which manages file transfer inside enterprise networks based on a distributed hybrid architecture. To transfer the files between the internal systems, a Thru Node (an MFT agent) is deployed on the enterprise network.

diagram of controlling internal file transfers from the cloud

How Internal File Transfer Is Managed from the Cloud

Thru Nodes are runtimes that can execute required MFT flows between the servers inside the corporate network. The node is configured via a Thru web portal and orchestrated by our cloud. The node retrieves configurations and software updates from our cloud and reports completed actions and exceptions via an outbound HTTPS connection to our APIs.

For internal transfer use cases, file data never leaves the enterprise network. Only reporting data is stored in the cloud.

Managing Network File Transfers from the Cloud

ge vernova logo using thru as internal system file transfer in the cloud

GE Vernova, previously known GE Power, needed to replace an on-premises system used to move data from different highly protected network zones across the wider network. As part of an initiative to modernize current integration capabilities and reduce IT time and cost by moving to the cloud, GE Vernova evaluated Thru.

In order to maintain the move-to-cloud goals and existing file flow patterns, Thru deployed Thru Nodes at source and target locations for secure file transfer on the internal network while Thru’s MFT control plane remains in the cloud.


Do you need to keep your file transfers within your firewall?

Secure, manage and control your file transfers with Thru. Contact us to discuss how we can help.


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