Remote Agents for MFT

Illustration of system to system file transfer

A managed file transfer (MFT) agent is a key component to facilitate and automate file transfers within and/or across networks. The agent is deployed on networks and responds to commands from the MFT cloud service, receiving file transfer instructions and reporting back metadata and file transfer status. MFT agents are designed to be lightweight to minimize the need for complex on-premises deployment and maintenance. The agent can be configured to automatically retrieve updates from the MFT service in the cloud.

MFT Agents Keep Files Inside Network with Cloud Orchestration

Diagram of Managed File Transfer (MFT) agent in distributed hybrid architecture

Thru is a cloud service which manages file transfers inside enterprise networks based on a distributed hybrid architecture. To transfer files between internal systems or applications, an MFT agent (known as a Thru Node) is deployed on the enterprise network. The MFT agent is configured in a web-based interface and orchestrated by our cloud.

The Thru Node is a lightweight package of runtimes that executes required file transfer flows between servers within the corporate network. The MFT agent retrieves configurations and software updates from our cloud and reports completed actions and exceptions via an outbound HTTPS connection to our APIs.

File Data Governance

For internal transfer use cases, file data never leaves the enterprise network. Only reporting metadata is stored in the cloud.

File Transfer Automation

General automation features available in Thru are also supported by the Thru Node for internal transfers, including

  • File compression
  • PGP encryption
  • Renaming
  • Routing to certain folders

File Transfer Control

Thru Nodes are updated from the cloud, which has complete visibility of the agent’s health and file transfer activity.

When to Use Remote MFT Agents

When an enterprise shifts MFT to the cloud as part of a cloud-first strategy, there may still be constraints that files cannot leave the internal network, usually due to governance or compliance requirements. The lightweight MFT agent automates files transfers and flows within the network while management and control is from a centralized cloud MFT service.

MFT File Agents for Internal File Exchange

Within an enterprise network, files are exchanged or shared between applications deployed on different servers. Additionally, files are exported to remote file shares for consumption by other applications on the same network. To import files, applications scan pre-configured locations on the file servers or file shares.

MFT File Agents for Multiple Servers

In another scenario within a corporate network, application updates require executables or configuration files to be copied between multiple servers. The data flows require a managed and auditable way to copy files between multiple source and target folders.

MFT Agents Simplify File Transfer for Corporate Franchise

File Transfer Challenge

A corporate franchise of convenience stores receives point-of-sale (POS) information daily from its franchisee locations. The franchisees’ personnel generally do not have technical skills and rely on desktop computers to send the required data.

MFT Agent Solution

The franchisees install and use MFT agents on the computers to transfer POS data to the franchise corporate headquarters. By using Thru Nodes for internal file transfers, the corporation successfully meets its security and ease of use requirements.

Illustration of corporate headquarters exchanign files with its remote franchise locations


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