Calling Top Talent:
Join our Global Team

We are passionate about meeting the file exchange needs of our global customers but this is not possible without a strong team of passionate individuals. If you are looking for a challenging yet rewarding career with a fun and laid back work culture, then join Thru’s global team.

  • “…Customer and employee loyalty is high…culture has a constant start-up feeling to it and employees are encouraged to share ideas…”

  • “…The company culture. It’s collaborative and everybody has a “What can I do to help” attitude…”

  • “…The management here goes above and beyond to help their employees. The culture is very laid back…employees are friendly and everyone frequently collaborates to get things done…”

  • “…I have seen the CEO provide backing for employees who have hit hard times. I have seen upper management bend over backwards to support their employees…”

  • “…Thru is a start up, so you need to be able to wear lots of hats and adapt when needed…”


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