Modern, Scalable and Secure File Transfers
for the Retail Industry

In the fast-paced retail industry, ensuring secure, efficient and scalable file transfers is essential for operational success. Thru offers a cutting-edge managed file transfer (MFT) solution to cater to the unique needs of large retailers. As a cloud-native API-first platform, Thru allows retailers to replace legacy on-premises solutions with a modern, seamless and highly scalable MFT tool, ensuring smooth operations from headquarters to remote retail locations.

Why Thru for Retail?

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Cloud-Native for Ultimate Scalability

Thru’s cloud-native architecture provides unparalleled scalability, allowing your file transfer capabilities to grow with your business. Unlike traditional on-premises solutions, our cloud infrastructure ensures that capacity increases with demand, without the hassle of hardware maintenance.

API-First Design for Modern Integration

Our API-first approach ensures that Thru integrates seamlessly into modern, event-driven architecture. Whether it’s connecting with existing systems or enabling new workflows, Thru’s robust APIs make integration simple and efficient.

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Hybrid Architecture with MFT Agents

Thru’s hybrid architecture utilizes MFT agents to facilitate easy and secure file exchanges between remote retail outlets and headquarters. This allows for efficient data flow and operational coherence across all your locations, enhancing overall productivity and coordination.

mft agent at headquarters connects to thru cloud

Continuous Updates with No Downtime

As a true cloud-native solution, Thru continuously updates its platform to ensure security and performance. Our updates require no downtime, enabling operations to remain uninterrupted while always running on the latest, most secure build.

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Seamless Integration with Leading iPaaS Tools

Thru is integrated with leading integration platform as a service (iPaaS) tools such as Boomi and MuleSoft, enabling end-to-end workflows from ERP source systems. This ensures comprehensive data integration and seamless workflow automation across your entire retail ecosystem.

connected puzzle pieces of thru and ipaas, including boomi and mulesoft

Key Features

Feature Description

Cloud Native Scalability

Scale on demand with a cloud-native architecture that grows with your business needs.

API-First Integration

Easily integrate with modern, event-driven architectures through robust APIs.

Hybrid Architecture

Use MFT Agents to connect remote retail locations with headquarters seamlessly.

iPaaS Integration

Integrate with leading iPaaS tools like Boomi and MuleSoft for end-to-end workflow automation.

Continuous Updates

Benefit from continuous platform updates with zero downtime.

High Security

Protect sensitive retail data with AES-256 encryption and advanced security protocols.

Compliance Support

Ensure compliance with industry standards and regulations.

User Management

Manage user permissions with granular control and role-based access.

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Use Cases in Retail

Supply Chain Management

Ensure the secure and efficient transfer of supply chain data, including inventory levels, order details and shipment tracking. Thru’s platform supports real-time data exchange, helping your organization to maintain optimal stock levels and streamline logistics.

Point of Sale Data Integration

Facilitate the secure transfer of sales data from retail outlets to headquarters for analysis and reporting. Thru ensures timely and accurate data collection, supporting better decision-making and sales strategies.

Customer Data Security

Protect sensitive customer information during transfers between systems, such as loyalty programs, CRM systems, and marketing platforms. Thru’s robust security measures ensure data integrity and compliance with data protection regulations.

Vendor and Partner Collaboration

Streamline the exchange of documents and data with vendors and partners. Thru enables secure and efficient collaboration, enhancing your business relationships and operational efficiency.

Customer Success Stories

By switching to Thru, Crocs can easily auto-scale to modernize file transfer automation across its global organization.

“We wanted to provide an enterprise-wide foundation for file transfer activities. As we go through and uncover needs in other groups, we have a more common approach to how we transfer files around the enterprise.”

Mark Meister
VP of Global Logistics & Integration Technology, Crocs

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Ready to enhance your file transfer processes and ensure secure, scalable, and efficient data exchanges?

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