Why Thru?

no deployment needed for cloud mft

No deployment

Leading to a faster time to value

cloud mft that is api-centric


Resulting in a modern architecture for a connected IT landscape

cloud mft usage-based pricing

Usage-based pricing

Enabling more efficient use of budget

Since Thru’s inception in 2002, we have offered managed file transfer as a service (MFTaaS). Our application started in the cloud and continues to provide cloud-based automated file transfer and file sharing capabilities to businesses.
We also offer a hybrid deployment model where an on-premises agent can transfer files inside the corporate network but is orchestrated from the cloud. APIs and pre-built connectors provide seamless integration of file transfers to integration platforms (iPaaS), applications or endpoints.

illustration: Thru experts have been masters of MFT since 2002

20 Years of Experience

We love solving difficult file transfer challenges for our customers. We have been recognized year after year by industry analysts for innovation and superior customer support.

Our Commitment to Cybersecurity

Completion of third-party assessments and certifications shows our dedication to enterprise-level security.

Protecting your data starts with safeguarding our organization and its infrastructure in addition to security measures within our MFT product.

Our Understanding of Data Governance

Our MFT solution is designed to meet corporate governance policies and industry security standards.

Our Customers’ Results

Illustration shows data points: An industrial stormwater pipe manufacturer saves 40% in total operational costs over 3 years. Crocs sets up file transfer connections up to 8x faster. Oil & natural gas development and exploration company experiences 10x reduction in operating expenses and 480% efficiency gains in partner onboarding. Röchling Automotive enjoys 20x faster file/folder uploads and downloads.

Our customers’ results after switching to Thru speak for themselves.
But those results do not come out of thin air, they happen because of our products and people.

Our Award-Winning Products

Illustration of G2 Review badges: 14 times Easiest to Use, 6 times Best Usability, 9 times Easiest Admin

“Cloud solution that covers most of the B2B MFT use cases. Really nice administration interface, with no coding and a self-service approach that saves a lot of time for operations teams. Easy to use, quick setup, no hidden costs. The best fit for iPaaS.”
Florencia C

“From an IT perspective, we really have very limited involvement, which is exactly what we were aiming for.”
Pioneer Energy Services

“Learning curve is very soft, no issues regarding both setup and service availability.”
Pedro D

“We just push one button and our customers are able to come pick [software releases] up.”
Liquibase (fka Datical)

“It’s an intuitive solution. The beauty of Thru is that the complexity is masked behind the simplicity of the user interface … the inherent simplicity, rapid delivery and timing are definitely big drivers of why we chose Thru.”

“By integrating with our Salesforce instance, we were able to automate link creation and sharing while maintaining reporting and security. An optimization win for Vocera and our customers!”
Vocera Communications

G2 Reviews:

Our People

Our secret ingredient is smart, creative and hard-working people.

Without the best people, our great products never would have been created…
and continuously get improved to meet market requirements and expectations.

illustration of thru employees working on managed file transfer software

g2 best relationship badge for managed file transfer

g2 best support badge for managed file transfer

“It was an absolute pleasure working with Thru on this project. The level of technical expertise on your team and the speed at which the team has been able to deliver has been outstanding.”
Dell EMC

“Throughout the evaluation process, the sales team have been very patient, helpful, worked with us and our partners and provided us with all necessary information as needed. Their post-sales service have also been very good.”
Internal Consultant in Transportation/Trucking/Railroad (G2)

“The Thru team were quite helpful working in collaboration with us and providing case studies and other requested information in a timely manner.”
Internal Consultant in Transportation/Trucking/Railroad (G2)

“Fast response to technical and account-related issues!”
Administrator in Information Services (G2)


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