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Illustrated overview of Thru Managed File Transfer (MFT) cloud

Imagine: Your team is working on strategic initiatives—modernization of file transfer systems, migration of on-premises solutions to the cloud or integration of file transfer workflows in an enterprise iPaaS-based solution. Whatever your file transfer challenge is, we can help you overcome it. We are experts in managed file transfer (MFT) innovation. We designed Thru for APIs and people—for automated file transfer and manual file sharing. Thru runs on multiple cloud platforms, making it scalable and elastic. It transfers files inside and outside the enterprise securely.

Key Differentiators

Cloud-Native with Hybrid Architecture

Thru is a cloud-native managed file transfer platform as a service (MFTPaaS) that runs in Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud providers as a multi-tenant or private instance. Thru scales as needed for the load and is designed with elasticity, adjusting processing resources dynamically to match the workloads. Thru uses cloud economics and is licensed as a subscription based on the number of file transfer transactions. Hybrid architecture extends MFT functionality to internal enterprise networks. Internal file transfers are orchestrated by our cloud and executed by runtimes, called Thru Nodes, installed on corporate networks. All files in internal flows are transferred within the enterprise’s firewalls.

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No Code

Thru follows a no-code design philosophy. Web-based configuration and management portals enable a wide audience of users with no development skills, citizen integrators, to work on managed file transfer integrations and flows.

Connectors & APIs

Thru’s native connectors for enterprise integration platforms (EiPaaS) streamline integration processes. The connectors allow data to be exchanged between EiPaaS and MFT in both directions. EiPaaS data flows are mapped to Thru file flows, which deliver files to and from external organizations in the same way a post office delivers parcels to and from customers. The EiPaaS handles data processing and Thru handles data delivery, creating a separation of duties. Thru also provides connectors to productivity applications such as Salesforce and Microsoft Outlook.

Thru’s APIs go beyond data exchange. Our management API enables complete orchestration of our cloud by EiPaaS or other external systems, including configuration and data retrieval.

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Publish-Subscribe for MFT

Thru is architected in a unique way compared to traditional MFT products. Instead of folder trees with permissions, it uses a publish-subscribe design pattern. In this pattern, organizations create simple file flows, subscribe to them and attach their endpoints. File flows and subscriptions simplify configuration and process management. They enable flexible many-to-many configurations which replace brittle, multiple point-to-point connections in traditional MFT systems. To extend the flexibility, subscribed organizations and endpoints can be changed any time, with no maintenance time required.

Guaranteed Delivery

Trust that your files will be delivered—no matter what protocol or API is used. Thru can act as a client or server for maximum flexibility. If files cannot be delivered the first time because the target endpoint or a network is down, Thru retries several times until it succeeds. If it is not successful, alerts are sent to administrators and displayed in the dashboard. To guarantee zero data loss, data is stored in encrypted Thru cloud file storage until delivery or deletion. If your system fails, our checkpoint restart capability for all protocols and APIs ensures that files will resume transfer from a certain data point.

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MFT for All Use Cases:
From File Transfer Automation to User-Centric File Sharing

Thru supports all use cases for automated file transfer and user-centric file sharing. As transfer automation, Thru integrates with all major MFT protocols and EiPaaS environments and has required automation features: transfer on schedule, manually or via API; compression / decompression; PGP encryption / decryption; file renaming and routing from patterns of source folders to patterns of destination folders. In user-centric cases, Thru integrates with primary productivity applications such as Microsoft Office and Salesforce.

Diagram: The Structure of Thru

Diagram of Thru for MFT: From File Transfer Automation to User-Centric File Sharing

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